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  1. Update -- it was the circulation pump! Changed it out last night - and the hot-tub has not tripped -- and I have the Green ready light !! Will see if this holds but so far so good. The difference in bubbles between the new pump and the old is night and day -- I have a steady, strong stream of bubbles now. I did change out the thermistors earlier to brand new ones - still keeping the old pump; hot tub tripped after about an hour after I switched it on. So I guess I didn't need new thermistors - but they were $40 bucks for the pair - so now they are all new! Thanks for the help. Sam
  2. Dan Thanks for the suggestions. I have ordered new thermistors in case that is the issue. I haven't tried letting the heater run with the filter removed - so will try that and see if it trips. The circulation pump does seem to be running - I do see water circulating out of the bottom drain (like waves in the water) - just low or very little bubbles. I feel the 3/4" tubes and I do feel water moving in them. Can't see the water though - they are all yellowed out. It was the low bubbles that led me to order the new circ. pump. If the hi-limit thermistor is to blame then it will be a cheaper fix. Sorry - wasn't clear on this. The check valve isn't leaking. I disconnected the tube connected to the T of the injector from the check valve - if the jet-pump is off then water leaks out of this tube (still connected to the injector). Turning on the jet-pump while leaving the check-valve unconnected pulls the water back into the injector. This last time when I put the circ-pump back in - this is not happening (even with the jet pump on, water still leaks out of the tube when disconnected from the check-valve and doesn't get sucked back in). I haven't been able to check if the heater actually overheated since it has tripped a few hours after turning on (usually in the middle of the night) - but will try with the filter removed tonight and see if it still trips. Thanks Sam.
  3. Hi folks Apologies for the *long* post - but could use some help. I have been troubleshooting a blinking red-light problem with my Hotspring Landmark (2000 year model). I have always had a problem after refilling this spa (everytime after a refill if I flipped both breakers on - the blinking red light would turn-on) - the way I would resolve this is by turning the 20A breaker on, then running jets for at least 30 mins to an hour and then turning the 30A breaker on. Sometimes it would take 2 - 3 times of doing this - but it usually worked. Then I refilled last month and noticed one of my jet-pumps leaking - I had a local service person come take it out - had to drain the freshly filled water and replace the wet seal and impeller on it. When he came back to re-install it, he accidentally broke the little black nozzle off the right-angle elbow attached to the circulation pump (that connects to the bleeder hose) - so he replaced the elbow and put a brass barbed fitting in it to connect to the hose. After this I refilled the tub and had my blinking light problem again - and noticed that I wasn't seeing too many bubbles through the bottom drain (they have been low in general) - so did the following troubleshooting: 1) removed the filter and tried - didn't work 2) removed the venturi injector tubing from ozonator check valve -- water comes out of this unless I started Jet-pump-1 at which point the water gets sucked back into the injector.. 3) removed the intake hose from the circulation pump and connected it back in to remove any airlock -- started the jets and 10 minutes later started the 30A breaker - did not trip this time.. However few hours later the red-light was flashing again.. 4) This time I took out the circulation pump (thinking it might have scale deposits inside or something broken) - plugged the hoses with caps so I didn't have to drain and dismantled the pump wet-end (its a silentflo 5000) - pump looked great - no scale / no deposits / no broken parts.. I took it to my local store and the tech there did a dry test and said the circ-pump looked ok to him. 5) Since I had the circ. pump removed - I decided to check the watakins no-fault heater for clogs too, so I removed it; opened the end caps and it's clean as well; resistance was ~9 ohms. 6) So put everything back together - turned on the the 20A breaker and got a good-stream of bubbles initially but they trickled back to a low stream very quickly after that. This time around after disconnecting the injector tubing at the ozone check valve, water still leaked out even after turning on the jet pump - so something was different than before. 7) Turned on the 30A breaker - didn't get the blinking light - left it running -- of course few hours later the blinking red light was back!! So I am still thinking it's my circ. pump - just ordered a new Laing E5 repalcement - but in the meantime - I am wondering if something else is going on.. Any suggestions from anyone? Thanks mrcotton73..
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