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  1. I have a 2002 Sundance Cameo 850 and am trying to program/configure it for optimal energy use, and to NOT run the heater during peak electricity periods which would be between 7am and 7pm. Buy configuring my circ pump cycle to start at 7pm and run for a duration of 12hours (shutting off at 7am) and then turning on economy mode, I was hoping that this would prevent the heater from coming on during the day even when the tub falls below the set temp, but allow it to come on during the circ pump cycle of 7pm - 7am, when the tub calls for heat. It appears though that in encomy mode, the heat will only come on during a programmed filter cycle -- see experpt below from the manual: "In economy mode, the low speed pump #1 and heater turn on only during a programmed filter cycle or when either JETS sensor is pressed" I also have the 4 filter cycles setup such that none are running during the PEAK 7am-7pm period. This tub pre-dates some of the more modern controller capabilties, so I am limitted to what can be done. To best accomplish what I am trying to do, I am thinking of programming a filter cycle to run say for 2 hours starting around 7pm. While in Economy mode, the heat should run during this period and replenish the little bit of heat lost during the day when the heater does not come on. Any thoughts/experience on this??
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