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  1. Last experiment: OK, here we go again. After last weeks disaster, I have now cleaned the tub to my satisfaction, shocked it again, on my 4th fill of water and hoping for the best. Here's what will be different this time: We will run the Nature 2 silver/charcoal cartridge. The initial chlorine shock is needed to activate it. I may add some MPS after bathing with the hope it will dissipate prior to our next use. I added after a one day of chlorine shock on this last fill, 2 cups 35% H2O2. I read in several technical searches that H2O2 completely dissipates Chlorine safely and in fact it did. Also read that H2O2 will not react with any normal spa chemicals which is good We will open the cover at least once/wk on the weekends as H2O2 needs UV sunlight to activate against organics. I had avoided this as UV light dissipates H2O2, but if needed, I will add H2O2 as needed. I check twice/wk minimum to make sure I'm over 50ppm and try to stay over 100ppm. I might even, after some more research, consider getting a UV system to use with the H2O2, but need more information before I go that far. As I said it does dissipate the H2O2 faster. I've read some posts where people have used this combination and have no problems after years of service. I will wash the filter at least once/month. I haven't been doing that as my wife and I use the tub so infrequently. We promise to use the tub more as we ache from gardening and other chores around the house. Getting older is not fun. She just turned 60 and I will be 65 soon but we are still working and young in spirit and health. We added a scumbug sponge to the tub to absorb oils and such. Not sure if this will help, but I want this experiment to go well, and will do whatever makes sense to alleviate the build-up. I believe the tub is cleaner now than it has even been since we got it about 5 years ago. I've taken out all the jets and cleaned them individually and ran Jet Cleaner thru the pipes. I probably should have done it twice, but time and effort was too much at this point. I Will do it every 4 months when I drain and refill as my spa store guy says I should. I have not done it in 5 years. This may have contributed to the disastrous white and brown algae/fungus. Most of the white gunk came out of the heating circulating jets so my guess is it was way overdue. I never knew this was so important and blame only myself for not remembering what he told me 5 years ago. I hope this helps you all and I promise to update again as things develop or in 4 months in November when I drain and refill again. BTW the Nature2 cartridge lasts 4 months so this is a good time to refill and change. Good luck and let me know your thoughts!
  2. I've heard never drop below 100ppm. I also read that if you really want to know how much above 100 you are which is the top level on the strip, take a sample and add 50% water to it. If it still reads 100ppm, then you have at least 200ppm. If it reads 75ppm then you have about 150 ppm and you can do the math on exact numbers.
  3. No, I do not. I've heard pros and cons on ozonators and haven't heard anything enlightening yet unless you see it differently. I also heard that ozone is not good to breathe.
  4. How often do you add 2 cups? I was adding 2 cups with the water change and when things got cloudy last month, and then 1 cup/week.
  5. Update time! OK, We ran on just H2O2 for 3 months. Kept levels at 100 or greater. I had a slight clouding last month and fixed it with a little chlorine just in case and clarifier. Also gave it extra H2O2. This weekend, we got BAD clouding and it was disgusting. Came out of nowhere. White fuzzy caterpillars and brown snot. Just gross. I'm still trying to clear the tub and on my 2nd fill and need a 3rd. Super high chlorine, reduce Ph to 6.2 and jet cleaner added. Wife's nylon stocking in skimmer to catch this nasty stuff. Most of it seems to come from the heating jets. My water out of my tap is perfectly balanced for Ph, hardness etc. Very lucky on that. Spa guy told me I should be using Jet Clean every time I change the water so 5 years I have not. That may have been the root cause of buildup in the pipes but I'm not sure. I think I'm going to get this with the 3rd fill and high shock levels again. May drive the 40 minutes to get more jet cleaner too. Future: Will try the H2O2 one more time. Will add the Nature 2 stick and will give it a shock at the beginning to start it, let the chlorine clear and add H2O2. Will add a little MPS each week and let it dissipate in air after every use (about once/wk). Will watch H2O2 levels carefully. I will update as things develop. Hope this helps! Bob
  6. BTW, the stuff in the pharmacy is 3% and not food grade. It has stabilizers and other chemicals in it. It is also not enough in size at that concentration. I don't find it dangerous. It does burn a little, turns your fingers white for an hour or so, but not dangerous. Just don't get it on your clothes unless they are white. I also use it in the laundry.
  7. I get it online from http://www.purehealthdiscounts.net/pool.htm. I bought 4 gallons of 35% and it came by UPS. It was $121 USD including S&H.
  8. OK, so I now have 3 months under my belt with HP.. Do I like it Yes. Water looks, feels and smells great, most of the time. Are there difficulties? Yes. Here are some of them. Advice is welcomed. Levels maintained at 100ppm until not. By that I mean, the levels go from 100 to 50 to 0 in a few days. This is a problem. Not sure if it is inherent with HP or I have a load that is sucking it dry. My tub is rarely used. It also has a cover I keep on it 99.9% of the time. I figure this keeps the HP from escaping as well as keeping the water clean. I once left it open over night and the pollen on the surface was disgusting. Occasionally cloudy, especially when the levels drop. I've used clarifier twice now. Aside from this, I love HP compared to Clorine or MPS. Would hate to have to switch back. Bob
  9. Thanks Neal for your update and great information. I think you are right about the N2 stick. I wrote to the manufacturer last week and have not received a reply. I know you are right that it needs Chlorine to activate and H2O2 will probably not do it. I found your Oxy-Clean, same stuff (MPS), to be an interesting idea. I use it now with great results and there is no reason why it would not work well with H2O2. If it doesn't bubble when you pour it in, it probably does not react with it. I rarely use Clarifier but I do have it and have used it a few times after a heavy bathing load (especially when dirty kids go in, they're in their 30's and don't shower first. They just come, open the hot tub and jump in). Keep us informed. I will switch in the Spring when it's not so damn cold here (NYS) and I can run a hose without freezing (Spring will come, won't it!?!). This has been one of the coldest winters I can ever remember and haven't used the spa once since November. I still shovel off the snow in case we get a nice thaw but can't picture going out there even though I bought an outdoor propane heater which is one of the best things I ever bought and extends my Hot Tub season considerably, except for this f*#*#*# miserable year. This is a great website where you can buy and get some good information. Of course they have a vested interest which is why I am doing additional research. http://www.purehealthdiscounts.com/pool.htm#products. If anyone else has experience, or knows other sites, please add to the conversation! Keep us informed. Thanks, Bob A
  10. I wonder if your White Mold was caused by trees or some other natural source. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on and from what I have gathered, those who think it is not a good idea do not have science on their side (it is a natural disinfectant and much more). Yes, you need to be careful handling 35% HP but that is not a reason not to use it when you consider how toxic chlorine and bromine are. I wonder how it would work with the Nature 2 Pure filter set using Silver and Charcoal? Does HP work standalone (from what I've read it does) or should I use MPS (Oxy-Spa) in low doses to assist. I would rather not. I'm very interested in how Nealv9z makes out. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. Bob A
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