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  1. Thank you much, Cusser...all very helpful and appreciated. :o)
  2. Thx for the extra info...much appreciated. This tub is only 5 years old (just off warranty) so I'm not really expecting problems with the tub structure itself...plumbing perhaps. As well, the main #1 pump (that does all the circulating/heating) has been replaced this past year (on warranty, thankfully) but perhaps a leak as a result of the installation. I'll check more carefully there. Right now, it's super cold here (-29C) so won't be doing any further checking till it warms up. Either way, I'll be ordering the product you've used and cross my fingers....thx again Cusser... :o)
  3. Hey Cusser...thx VERY much for this info! I'll definitely be looking into this regardless of what else I hear from others. Indeed, it does sound like a leak but I wasn't sure why I wouldn't see water in the bottom of the tub cavity. Unless it found a hole in the base (all plastic) through which to escape. I did read the reviews on the product and they are mixed but with enough folks having great success (like yourself) to warrant the attempt. Thx again! :o)
  4. Hey, I thought I would resurrect this topic to see if there are any new experiences with water loss during winter months. We have an Arctic Spa and live in Canada and it does get cold here. We've had some very cold weeks of weather but that said, it seems to me we were losing water at a similar rate when it was slightly warmer. I had read on a separate thread where one fellow said he was losing about 3 inches ever couple of weeks. This seems to be close to what we are losing. We aren't using our tub more than every other day and there are only two of us. I realize we lose water every time we get out but again, that shouldn't amount to much given the few times we're using it these days. I have checked inside the tub with all pumps on and can't see any leaks and no standing water in the tub itself. Are any of you experiencing similar loss during colder winter temps?