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    Caldera Geneva prices in Dallas?

    Thanks for replying. I'd just like to know what to expect before walking into a dealer. In your experience, will a Caldera dealer come out a quote be their absolute lowest and best price? Or will they start way high and I'll have to grind it out and haggle and hassle just to try to get a fair deal? I dread going into car dealerships and buying cars for those reasons. Thanks again for taking time to respond.
  2. First time hot tub buyer. Closing on a house February 1 here in the Lewisville/Dallas area, and going to purchase a hottub within a couple of months. Does anybody know what a good, fair price is on this Caldera Geneva model including tax, deliver, install, cover and steps? I know the dealers need to make money- they're a business, and that's how business works- I just don't want to get completely hosed on price. I'm leaning toward this model, but will evaluate others soon as well when I start visiting dealers this week. Thanks in advance.