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  1. I NEED SOME HELP WITH MAX E THERM 400 HEATER. We only use it in winter to heat the spa 1) Issue began many years ago when blower would not turn off. I began using the breaker to turn the blower on and off 2) Heater then began to go berserk - turned itself on a couple times. I fixed this by turning off the gas 3) Still used the heater a couple more years like this. 4) past couple years have not used the heater since it will not light. I want to get it running this winter. 5) current status when I turn on gas line and all breakers... 5.1) blower runs 5.2) temp says 47 5.3) Service Heater light is on (red) 5.4 Spa On light is on (green) 5.5 AFS light is on on the back of the panel Please advise best way forward. Kevin in Houston