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    Caldera Makena or Marino?

    Thanks Castletonia for your feedback. It's greatly appreciated. It sounds like the Makena is the best choice. What would you say would be the average price of the Makena w/ozone and cover delivered? No lifter or stairs
  2. NYGuy

    Caldera Makena or Marino?

    Thank you Castletonia for your feedback and insight. Does the Marino or Makena offer better efficiency over the other - ie electricity, chemicals, etc?
  3. I'm going back and forth between a Caldera Makena and the Marino and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on either one? The biggest difference that I'm seeing between them is the warranty on the Marino is 2 yrs on the components vs 5 yrs for the Makena. The Marino also does not have the circulator pump. Less jets on the Marino too. Both come with ozone and the price difference is around $2500. I'm concerned that a hot tub may become a novelty after a while so my knee jerk reaction is to go with the less expensive Marino. But the Makena seems to be a better build. Any feedback?