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  1. Thanks Jwyrick85! I can see a check valve and there must be a loop somewhere too that is hidden in foam. Glued in a new section of pipe yesterday and will be pressure testing today.
  2. Hi I have an old (1995!) Cal Spa Supra model PS5. I'm replacing a 5 port 1.5" valve (https://spacare.com/CalSpafiveWayVerticalValvePLU21100090.aspx) for the air channel/rejuvenetor seat/floor and wall jets, since the old one is cracked and slowly leaking water. There is also a much bigger leak in one of the hoses (to the wall jets maybe?) coming from the valve, too. Do I only need to fix the leaks, or should I worry about water in this valve and in the air hose line? No water in hose where the blower is attached.
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