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    Lowering Total Alkalinity

    I haven't been able to lower the alkalinity AT ALL, despite adding a bunch of Alkanity & PH lowering chemical. Is it true that high alkalinity in the tub interferes with sanitizing (i.e., chlorine)? I'm ready to empty it and purge it and start again, but....how do I lower the alkalinity FIRST when the only chemical says it lowers BOTH?
  2. newguy2017

    Can't get pH and Alkalinity balanced

    Have hard water here; still having trouble getting ph and alkalinity low enough. Am I correct that too-high-levels of alkalinity and ph interfere with the chlorine doing its job? Because chlorine level is fine...
  3. Help! My wife has TWICE gotten a bladder infection concurrent with about five-weeks-into the chlorine @Ease frog system's water in our Marquis tub. Coincidence? I've been shocking it -- with chlorine -- in small amounts WEEKLY, I've been cleaning the filters AND trying to bring down the PH and alkalinity (still a bit high) AND we have hard/high calcium water. We wash/shower meticulously to be squeaky clean before we use it -- we are THE ONLY two to use it -- and I'm mystified. Is it related to under-chlorination? Despite the Frog @ease cartridge system saying we DON'T have to worry about a thing? Do I have to shock it with chlorine before use each time? Switch to non-chlorine instead? (MPS?) Ditch the frog @ease system entirely?! I want it to be safe and fun for my wife, NOT a worry. Please help!?
  4. newguy2017

    Cloudy Water

    Greetings, All. We bought our Marquis Epic on 10/12 and love it. Filled it with our well-water (which is high-alkaline), shocked it with their recommended start-up shock, are using the @Ease Frog In-line Smart-Chlor system (in tandem with their Mineral cartridge) and feel like it is doing a good job of keeping things clean. As directed, I've tested the water regularly and it has shown to be high Alkalinity and sometimes higher Ph. We've used their Alkalinity Lowerer balancer (1/4 cup) and....the water is cloudy. How often can I attempt to reduce the alkalinity with that chemical? How long does it take to show results? The chlorine leves, by the way, are perfect. Or....must I empty it all, refill, and start from scratch? I've been assuring my wife the water is clean, but wish it weren't cloudy!! Any/all advice is appreciated but know that I truly prefer the Smart-Chlor/lower chlorine alternative to bromine....I'm believing this is a water/alkanity problem. Thank you!