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  1. First post: I didn't do my due diligence to search on this topic - so yeah, I'm bad at the internet - but here's the question (and maybe it's specific enough that it hasn't come up too many times). I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and I'd like to have a "cool tub" to sit and relax in outside during the grueling summer heat. If I turn off the heater (of course) and keep the tub mostly (but maybe not completely) shaded, how cool could I get the water in the heat of the day? Let's say it's 112 degrees out, and barely got below 100 last night. I assume running the bubbles/jets for a time can bring down the temperature, but by how much? By the way, I'm the owner of an Intex hot tub that I've owned for about a year. It might be the best purchase I've ever made.
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