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  1. Hello! I'm looking for any advice or warnings regarding the idea of hiring someone to create a spa vault for my portable tub. I found someone who will do it for around $3000. He will create a 55 gallon drainage system underneath or i can maybe have him attach the drain to our underground gutter/drainage system. He will make a 8x10 concrete floor of the vault for a 7x7 tub, leaving about 2 feet clear on the side of the access panel. Has anyone done anything like this? Any thoughts? Suggestions? Warnings? I really like the look of a tub sunken a bit like this photo.
  2. oops, i just realized you said you can't comment on build quality. i guess i was just curious if your opinion to stick with the marino was mostly based on the dated look of the Sycamore jacuzzi?
  3. Thanks so much for your reply. I am planning to have decking around it so you won't see any of the cabinet. It is 7 inches bigger on one side and has 50 more jets, so i was leaning toward the Sycamore. Do you think production run models have the same quality as the rest of the Hot Springs brand models?
  4. Hello community, I am trying to decide between a Caldera Marino and a Hot Springs Spa Sycamore. They would be exactly the same price, $5995. The Sycamore is a bit larger and has more jets, but it it's a special offer because they are doing a "production run on a certain model and offering it to key accounts. Dealers have to buy in truckload quantities to get the deal and pass on savings." Does this sound legit? Any thoughts?
  5. thanks so much for reply!! i think we will go with the caldera. Because you're the "spa savant", thought I'd ask, have you ever heard of Natural Spa or Natures Hot Tub Treatment? They are 100% chemical free sanitation systems that work with the ozonators that get some really good reviews.
  6. Hello, I could really use some help deciding which hot tub to buy. I am between: a Home Depot one, the American Spa, 6 person 85 jet, with ozonator and 50 ft. filter for $5400 a Hot Spot (by Hot Springs) Relay, 35 jets, ozonator and 65 ft. top loading filtration area, for $6400 or a Caldera Marino, 35 jets, ozonator and 65 ft filter for $6000 We had a home depot one years ago and it was good. How important is insulation which I believe is better in Caldera and Hot Spot. Is 15 more feet of filter area a lot? Thoughts?? Any advice would be appreciated! thanks, Rachael
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