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  1. Hi, Yes that did the trick... it was pretty easy to replace and has been working fine for several days now. It's an XS series tub... got if for next to nothing and it's worked great for several years with no issues. Kevin
  2. Yep... there was still a "click" from the circuit board but it happened after the pump stopped. Maybe a couple of seconds later. This time I was there with my head in the spa watching the temp probe on the casing of the circ pump... sure enough when it reached it's max temp rating of 140 it stopped. Maybe the click is from the relay shutting off from an over current draw or something else sensing that the pump had stopped working. I'm going to drain it and then move it out from the wall so that I can get to the pump. Then do a little investigation on it to make sure there isn't something in there causing the pump to have to work extra hard and overheat. Then go from there. Thanks again, Kevin
  3. Well you were right... bummer. After an hour I checked it and it was 120 degrees... and climbing. I watch for awhile and pulled the filter but that made no difference... it was still going up at about 1 degree every couple of minutes. I waited until it got close to it's max operating temp of 140 and it stopped. It seems strange to me that it would work just fine and then start doing this... any ideas what causes it? I'm figuring it's just the age of the pump but I would think it would just stop working not slowly overheat... that's the strange part to me. Thanks for your help! Kevin
  4. It is the Laing small pump... just like this one: It is reading 80 degrees with the air at 74 after 10min of operation and holding steady... I'll check it every 10min or so until it shuts down. Kevin
  5. Hey Dave, The click sounds like it is coming from the circuit board... sounds just like the other relays when they are turning on or off, but I'm not 100%. When it does shut off I've not had my head under the spa... it's pretty random and can take hours for the pump to shut down. I can't get to the circulation pump its on the wall side of the spa... I can see it and it's very small... I might be able to get a picture of it but it looks like a small Waterway pump, no topside capacitor, threaded 2" connections. I have a remote thermal probe and I'll attempt to get a temp reading on the housing at time of shut down and let you know that that is... I'm leaning towards the sensors... easier to replace Kevin
  6. Hi Dave, Well, I replaced the circuit board and it acts exactly the same... primes, heats and runs normal for hours and then the circulation pump just shuts down... heater stays on and boils the water in it till it hits the high temp limit then it all shuts down. The only thing that has input to the circuit board, correct me if I'm wrong, is the 2 temp sensors. The circulation pump does not have a thermal switch or pressure switch that I can see... its a 2009 spa and the info I have does not show any other inputs. So now I'm thinking that it has to be the temp sensors. I've tested them with an ohm meter and in test mode and they always come back as being ok. Could it be one of them is intermittent? Kevin
  7. Plus, I just thought of this... the circulation pump pulls from the filter/tub and pushes clean water through the heater and then the heated water flows into the tub. So the heater would have no effect on the pump temp... only the temp of the water in the tub, and that's not seemed to be an issue... this happens at all temps cold fresh water all the way up to heated water to 103 degrees. Kevin
  8. Hi Dave, I do reset the memory... but I only changed the dip switches after this issue started, and then only to put it in test mode to see if there was anything additional I could see or info to get... there was nothing. Disconnecting the heater... ok I could do that, but I've sat there for hours waiting and watching to see what was going on. I did think of the overheated or clogged circulation pump but it ran fine the whole time... water coming out was a good steady stream warm but not hot (same flow with or without the filter). There was no warning from the pump... no humming or whining... just the click from the circuit board and then no flow, then the heater boiling the water. I did check the sensors, first thing, all good resistance readings and flipped them A to B, B to A, with no change in behavior. If it was a sensor I would expect an error prior to the pump shutdown... and there isn't one. I did hook up the circulation pump to an external power source and it ran for hours... that's what lead me to believe it was the circuit board shutting it down not the other way around. I'll try the heater disconnect and let you know. Kevin
  9. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. I've not messed around with the programming... there isn't much to change unless I change the mode that it's set to. Currently it is in the 'Standard Mode' where the Circulation Pump (which is separate from the jet pumps) runs 24/7. The heater only comes on as needed to maintain the set temperature. The spa starts up just fine when power is turned on... goes through the priming stages perfect and the it will run for some period of time, sometimes a few hours sometimes less. There is no error code given when the relay for the circulation pump shuts off... I hear it click, the pump stops, then the heater starts to overheat the water that is in it... the temp displayed rises until it hits the HH limit and then it all shuts down. If I let it cool then hit the temp button it will restart the system and again work fine for some period of time until it goes through the above steps again. It has reached the set temp but it still eventually shuts down. It has worked fine for years and I just think the relay has had it or something else is messed up with the circuit board. Your thoughts? Thanks, Kevin
  10. Hi, I have a 2009 Clearwater spa with Balboa M7 controller... everything had been working fine. After draining, cleaning, and refill, the spa starts up fine... goes through the priming process then turns on the heater and works just fine for some period of time sometimes a few minutes sometimes hours. Then the circulation pump just shuts down, the heater then overheats and gives an HH error message. I've watched this process and the flow is just fine no drop in pump speed or flow... it just shuts off. I can hear the relay shutting the pump off and the temperature display shows under the set temp then you can hear the heater boiling the water and the temperature display rises until it reaches the high temp limit and then it all shuts down (HH now on the display). I tested the sensors, both A and B are exactly the same ohm value... could this be one of them intermittently failing? That seems unlikely. I've put it in 'test mode' via the dip switch and check the sensors and they give the same A & B values. Could it be the control board? Any help would be appreciated! Kevin
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