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  1. Yeah I actually did get a chance to talk to the guy that fixes tubs locally (the one above that was not returning calls). Seems like it's going to be a while before he can come out. After a phone conversation with him, it sounds like it's a possible main board (at least what a take away from his initial assessment). The wife and I are discussing if we should just get a new tub or not. This one is 12 years old. Not sure I feel like waiting for the repairman to come (who knows it could be weeks). The replacement part for the IQ2020 is $600 which is really just a crap shoot since I may buy it and it may still not work. I just found out there is a MyLife Spa 5 person available locally immediately for $3700.
  2. Anybody got any ideas here? I'm kinda on my own on this one. I gave up the other day and just decided to pay for the repair. Unfortunately, there are two spa dealers in my area. One only does repairs on their own brand of tubs. And the other one has not been returning phone calls. So it's pretty much up to me and the internet to figure this one out.
  3. I'm not sure if this is something noteworthy, but on the mother board, there is a little red light that is lit that is labeled "Control Unplugged"
  4. Yes, the circ pump is running and you see bubbles. The are tiny and do not shoot out out of the jets. They shoot out of the little opening on the floor where the heat comes from. I do have a multimeter.
  5. Sensors came today. Replaced both of them. I'm still getting the blinking power light. Filter is taken out so no blockage there. The circulation pump is running and outputting bubbles. I want to say I highly doubt that there is a blockage somewhere. The reason why I think this is because after the power comes on after being off for a few minutes, the power light stays steady for about 5-10 seconds and then it starts to blink. If it never tries to move water, how would it ever even discover a blockage. Not that I'm a hot tub guru, but the only thing left really is the main board? Correct? The heater was replaced about two years ago by the local pool and spa company so I feel like eliminating it as a problem. What do I check next? Thanks in advance!
  6. I noticed you said filters. Plural. Is there more than 1? I've already taken out the big one.
  7. Wow, thanks. I thought they were basic on/off switches. I just order two new ones off Amamzon and got 2 day delivery so I should have them shortly.
  8. Hi, I have a problem maybe you can help with. I have a 2008 Tiger River Caspian hot tub. When I power it up, the Power light blinks and I cannot use it. The circulation pump is running as expected, but you cannot turn on the Jet Pumps. My owner's manual call this error code a "High Limit Reset" and to check for blockage. I was not able to find any blockage in the filter area. So then I was thinking maybe one of the sensors was bad. There are two of them, the thermistor (which I believe to be the high limit) and the thermostat. I snipped the wires to both and then connected the two wires that were inside each (with the assumption that these things are just basic switches). I tried with both switches on (wires connected) and both switches off (wires apart). Still no luck. Still same problem. Where do I look next? Thanks in advance for help!
  9. Hi, I have a 2008 Tiger River Caspian Spa. I was having some problems with it where I would go out and it would be cold and one of the lights would be blinking. I researched this and found out the thermisters needed to be replaced. So I purchased both of them. As of today, both the power and the ready lights both started flashing. So I emptied the tub and replaced both thermisters. Filled it back up and the problem is still there. Both lights are still flashing. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Carl
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