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    Jacuzzi J210 jets question

    The diverter is a pain to turn on mine. Glad that you figured it out. I ended up changing both temp sensors, just to be sure.
  2. William Pitzer

    Jacuzzi J210 jets question

    Thanks Dan for your input. Last night I finally figured it out. The 210 has what I think that they call a massage jet, which is just under the water level on the left side that at full force, creates a whirlpool effect. That is also a diverter valve, but it was stuck, full in one direction. Last night I kept thinking that like the other valves/jets, it had to move and finally, I was able to turn it to the other extreme and then all of the jets worked as expected. BUT, also yesterday, I noticed that the display had 3 lines/dashes on it and nothing worked/responded to "input". The manual says that the high limit switch had tripped. I found that if you hold down the + and - and pump buttons for a bit, a 556 and then 8.8.8 appears and you have reset it. The temp had dropped to 95 and it went up to 101 and cut off the heater. I checked the temp and it was 101 which is where I had it set, so I'm assuming that the high limit sensor is failing. Am I on the right track? Thanks again for the help.
  3. William Pitzer

    Jacuzzi J210 jets question

    I picked up a 2008 J210. Looks like new inside and out. One issue is the the front set of jets (B) are not working. The back 2 jet sets work fine, the air valves appear to work fine. There is a very small amount of water flowing from the front set of jets. I have turned on and off all of the jet diverter valves, they do turn off the Back set of jets but nothing seems to change as for the front 2 sets. I removed one front main jet and no blockage could be seen. All of the plumbing is in foam, This is a 4 man tub, with one pump. Any ideas? Thanks.