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  1. Been using the tub and my PH is pretty much staying at 7.4 even with jets. Should I leave it alone even though TA is pretty low? Thanks again for the help
  2. Thank you, I will just use the tub and monitor PH and adjust accordingly.
  3. Thanks, so should I raise TA back up? If so, to what? If I aerate when using the tub and get high PH drift, add acid, won't I eventually be in the same low TA boat? Thanks for helping!
  4. Hello, I follow Nitro's Dichlor then Bleach method. I am having an issue with PH drift and TA numbers however. First, I get CH to around 130-150, I then got TA to 80, Then, following his guide, I turned on all pumps and aeration and tested PH. Once PH drifted to around 8, I added muriatic acid to bring it back down to around 7.5 (I do a little at a time). I let it run another 30 minutes, tested again, added muriatic acid to bring it back down. By the time I got PH to stabilize from drifting (at 7.6), my TA tested low at around 40 which I am reading is unstable. If I add Baking Soda to get TA up again, won't PH drift be an issue once again? I'll be right back where I started I would think. Thanks
  5. I was referring to the pellet chlorine that is sold as for "hot tubs" or "spas" on the label. Not standard liquid bleach, did not know they were pretty much the same thing. I read that Dichlor has CYA, again, I have never heard of CYA until I started reading on this forum, pretty interesting. I will read the procedure a couple more times to help it sink in more. I see now I could just buy liquid 6% unscented bleach? One other thing, the poolcalculator link that Nitro keeps referring to in his post is no longer valid. It sounded like a really cool tool, is there a different one people use now?
  6. Thanks, after the CYA is up then do you even use Chlorine anymore? It sounds like the Dichlor get replaced by using bleach? I've read it twice, gonna have to read it again I think... Geez, adding chlorine everyday? What happens if I have to go out of town for work or something?
  7. Hi, new to the forum and just got a used Softub 140. I have read online for hours but seem to be getting more confused on how I should be handeling my water treatment. This is what I did when starting out: Filled Tub Added 2 TBSP of Chlorine Tested for chlorine, PH, alkalinity and hardness and adjusted as needed My city water is very soft, don't even have a water softener. These are the chemicals I currently own: Chlorine PH Up PH Down Chlorax Pool and Spa calcium hardness increaser. I know that chlorine gets depleted with every use and should be added after. This is also when many people shock. Softub states that shock will void the warranty, that is ok if it does not damage anything because the warranty is up anyways. However, after reading I found there are different types of shock and that many people even use regular bleach if their CYA levels are high enough. CYA was not a topic I have discovered yet so that brought in more questions. I guess at this point I am just confused as to how I should be handeling this. With such a small spa it is already tough enough to keep things balanced. Is there a good proven protocol that I should be following? Usually the spa is used 2-3 times a week by two people which is the most that will fit in such a small spa. Thank you for any help
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