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  1. Baja Sport Tub

  2. Hey Spa Guru, I'm thinking the redwood spas you started with would be quite nice!! I'd happily spurge for the seat though! Lol. 

    I saw that you helped someone all the way back in 2010 about the re plumbing of a spa. I just picked up a Baja Sport Tub for $85 which if I can't get it to work will still be a good deal for a dog washing tub!! But I'd rather enjoy it with my Fiancé for sure. The previous owner cut all of the water and air lines and disconnected the PVC all with no numbering or labeling with a sharpie at least. I'm going to add a link to my photos. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.   Thank You Sir


  3. Baja Sport Tub

    Hello All, I just picked up an older Baja Sport Tub for a nice price but the pervious owner cut all of the water and air lines, I suppose for easier transport when they moved. Rather than using a sharpie to make matching everything back up MUCH easier I am left with a hodgepodge of mystery lines, PVC and no idea of what is supposed to go where. Ugh!!! Is there anyone on this forum that can help us out with a diagram preferably or even some photos of what it should all look like?? Thanks in Advance!!!! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1op2zl31d0z6606/AAACViPk_y45hnKBxmHA1Q3Aa?dl=0