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  1. Sundance hot tub heater always on

    I am going off of the control panel temp. I checked the thrmostat ohms and according to the spec sheet on internet it is ok.... 16,700 ohms @104 Degrees
  2. Sundance hot tub heater always on

    I have not let it run up to 120 degrees...this morning it was flashing OH..108 degress. I have checked the thermostat (16,700 ohms) 104 degress...seems ok. Replaced the High temp sensor prior. Thanks for the response
  3. I have a 2005 Sundance Cameo hot tub, it was given to me from a friend. When I filled it with water the heater continually is on. I have turned the tub on until it cools off, and once turned back on temp runs up over 104. Any ideas??