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  1. Jacuzzi J-365 FL1 error

    Update Replaced circ pump with one from SPA Supplies LLC and this fixed the issue. After replacing the pump, powered up the spa and FL1 error came back until the circ pump purged the air out of the line. With shipping the pump was around $160 and I received it in about 1 week. Thanks to Pool Spa Forum and Dave for all the help.
  2. Jacuzzi J-365 FL1 error

    Dave No joy on the circ pump vibration. When I first started having the FL1 problem I believe the circ pump was partially working but not enough to engage the flow switch. I could feel slight suction on the circ inlet in the spa. Now there is no longer any suction on the circ inlet and no vibration on the motor when I grabbed it. Thanks for all your help. I will be ordering a new circ pump. Chris
  3. Jacuzzi J-365 FL1 error

    Dave When I first looked at the flow switch it looked like the circ pump was running because there seemed to be flow going through that area. Today I don't see any flow when I turn on pumps 1 & 2 from the control panel. Is there a way to manually turn on the circ pump from the control panel or should it automatically come on when I turn on pumps 1 & 2. Thanks Chris
  4. New member and first time entry. Have a Jacuzzi J-365 that was purchased in 2011. Filters are new this year. Removed filters from spa and ran hose through inlet filter opening to flush system out. Ran spa afterwards without filters but still get flashing FL1 error. Cycled power and still get flashing FL1 error. Spa seems to function properly except for FL1 error and temp dropping. Removed front cover to access flow switch and noticed contacts don't move when pumps are engaged. It is a pretty big paddle switch and I would think I could see it move when the pumps are running. Do I need a new flow switch? Thanks