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  1. Hey Gang, First post here. Thanks for having me. My parents have a 1980's Jacuzzi Swim Spa with Hayward parts. It's been leaking for years from the jets. I finally bought the combination tool to remove the old hayward bulkheads and re-ordered 8 new SP1434 Vari-Flo Nozzles. On the bulkheads, the new ones come with gaskets, honestly I really don't want to replace all the bulkheads if I don't need to but will remove and potentially use silicon or gaskets to affix to the tub. Is one method better than the other? Here's my suggested workflow: 1. use heat gun to to loosen silicon 2. remove bulkheads and clean up 3. use razor blade to clean bulkhead tub surface 4. apply gasket / silicon and use tool to tighten (any specs for tightening?) Does this sound good? Thanks much,