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  1. Hi So I never updated my posts from my last attempt at using H2O2 as a sanitizer because frankly, I didn't think anyone cared to respond who could support my similar question "what am I doing wrong"? There seems to be no way that I can visualize where my spa can support the use of H2O2 and not have problems, specifically white mould. On my second attempt, it took about a month and white mould came back. I never allowed the H2O2 to go below 100 and I changed filters weekly. I suspect my hot tub cover was part of the issue as in the winter there are long periods where the cover stayed shut
  2. I can only get 29% h202 here in Canada. I buy a 4 litre bottle from a local store and I store it in my garage bar refrigerator. I follow the advice given in the blog started by Bill Clarke (http://bilclarke.blogspot.ca/2008/05/switch-your-hot-tub-to-hydrogen.html) for initial fill and maintenance, added with additional information from one of the contributors who goes by the handle "King Kong". There is a lot of information there and you need to do a lot of reading in order to find the right nuggets for your situation. I try to keep the dilution at 100ppm or more (as indicated by the colo
  3. Oh, about the N2 filter, I think it needs Chlorine to be actvated and useful. It says it won't work with Bromine and I suspect it won't work with H2O2 either but I think I will ask the question anyway.
  4. Hi Bob A Just to give an update, since you asked, everything seems to be going well. As indicated in my previous post, maintaining a proper PH level is almost a daily regimen. The one time PH dropped real low, I checked the Alkalinity level and it was low. I brought the Alkalinity level back to around 90 and PH levels went high again. I expect you are more interested in the H2O2 situation more. Well, so far I have had no issues. No white mold, no cloudy water. I have added H2O2 about 3 times so far, since the initial shock making sure the H2O2 level stays over 100ppm. In total, I mig
  5. So, I am giving h2o2 another shot. It has been about 4 weeks and, as before, no issues. I am trying to be vigilant to see if the White Water Mold cones back again and to make sure the chemicals are properly adjusted. One issue I am having is that my ph level always goes high quite quickly. I adjust Alkalinity and it goes higher, as expected, but when I put enough ph down to lower the ph level to the correct range, jumps up again the next day. It is a challenge to maintain it at a proper level. Another thing I noticed is that when we are going through several bad days of rain and I don't
  6. Hey mmaloof, would you please let me know how I can contact you. I am in Sooke but I would really like to know how you managed to use Hydrogen Peroxide without getting white mould (which is disgusting, take my word on that). It has been a while but I am starting to get itchy skin again which to me means I need to empty my tub and refill it as the CYA is building again. I would much rather stick with H2O2. When I used that regimen, I always kept the H2O2 around 100ppm which is even higher than recommendations. I must have been doing something wrong if it works for you. BTW, you can get the
  7. Hey, arobbert, what chlorine dispensing system are you using? May make things a little simpler for me also.
  8. Thanks for your advice arobbert. I have switched to low chlorine regimen also. I bought a mineral filter called Nature2 which helps sanitize the pool in conjunction with a low chlorine treatment of .5 to 1ppm. My initial issue of itchiness with horrible reddish skin from scratching so far has not returned. To rid the WWM, I super chlorinated my tub at a very high level (as suggested by a water expert in my neighbourhood - he had a calculation as to the amount per volume of water) for 24 hours. Burnt off all the WWM. You could see the little black charred specks in tub. Emptied tub, cleaned i
  9. Alright, it has been over a month since I tried this experiment. I am not sure how other HP users are able to have their tub working on HP but it didn't work for me (mpurcell, you were correct in your assessment of HP). It was great for 2 weeks but then it started to smell like bath water that had been sitting in a bath tub too long. I had been dumping HP in on a regular basis based on HP readings (over 50ppm) on my strips but quite quickly, it started to eat up HP very quickly after the 2 weeks. Obviously a problem. Then, white filmy stuff started to float on the water's surface which I found
  10. Actually, mpurcell, I was not especially looking for agreement but I was looking for people who actually tried it and either failed or succeeded. My initial query was "has anyone used it instead of Chlorine or Bromine". From what I surmised from your response, you did neither, as it seems you never tried it. I have been doing a lot of reading on the use of hydrogen peroxide in a hot tub. There are a lot of naysayers and misinformation out there. I try to acquire scientific information from reputable sources. There seems to be enough information out there supporting the fact that h2o2 does di
  11. Thanks mpurcell for your input. While I have read that Hydrogen Peroxide is not approved as a hot tub sanitizer, I have also read scientific documentation that does actually indicate that Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural disinfectant. I measured CYA, CC and free chlorines in my hot tub as well as all the other chemicals (ph, alkalinity, hardness) and all were within specs. I guess I am determined to attempt this avenue which will be a combination of Hydrogen Peroxide with non-chlorine shock. My initial challenge will be to find the H202 and the test strips. I found the test strips at indigo
  12. Hi, I am defnitely a newbie and seriously confused and conflicted. I have a fairly new Beachcomber hot tub. The tub is not my issue (so far), it is the chemical balancing act requirred to enjoy this fairly expensive hobby. Initially, I was given an expensive set of Chlorine based products, with other chemicals to control water balancing, so I could enjoy my hot tub which for me is also almost a necessity having major arthritis issues. I am, in fact, not enjoying my hot tub due to the reaction I am getting from the chemicals in my tub. In my efforts to properly balance my hot tub water, I
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