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  1. Watkins classic model f no heat

    How do I test the 2 thermistors that are located on the no fault 1500 heater housing? Can I bypass them somehow to force it to heat up?
  2. Watkins classic model f no heat

    It appears to be a PITA to get at the control box, its in a tight spot and doesnt open up from the outside. Id have to remove it to check. Can I unplug the heater from the box, and use my meter to see if I'm getting 110v at the plug?
  3. Older early 90's unit. Just bought it. Previous owner said everything worked fine last year. I plug it in, and the tub light functions, thats it. Press the button for the jets and the light dims, buzzes, and about 10 seconds later, trips the breaker. The "power" indicator light on the panel never came on. Where do I start troubleshooting? Is there a repair manual for these available somewhere? I found the operators manual online but no repair manuals. Thanks! -Adam