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  1. I know this discussion is kinda dead I let the chlorine drop down to about 2 and added it back in with the floater closed and blocked one of the holes. That seems to keep the Chlorine down between 1-2 ppm. I having yet another issue though. The spa has a really harsh chlorine smell when the bubbles are on. When they're off its has hardly any smell at all. I tried shocking it to about 20 ppm and leaving the cover off for a few hours. The Chlorine is back down to safe levels but the smell is still there. I'm actually thinking about switching to Bromine. I also want to get an accurate test kit but if I don't know if Taylor makes one that tests both chlorine and bromine since the above ground pool my great aunt is giving us has a sand filer and a SWG. Ill probably drain the spa and scrub it really good and let it air out for a day or two then set it up with bromine unless I hear otherwise
  2. We recently bought the Intex 77" PureSpa on prime day. I've spent the last few days getting the pH and alkalinity just right but I've also been adding chlorine to the water via the included floater. I put 2 of the Clorox Pool & Spa Chlorinating Tablets (The primary Active Ingredient is trichloro-s-triazinetrione at 95%) for about 5 days the chlorine was around 2.0 ppm but I went out today and it was higher than my test kit could measure (5.0+ ppm). What happened? I took the top off and the evening sun is hitting the water so hopefully it has gone down some. If it helps I forgot to tun the filter and heater back on after replacing the filters yesterday. What can I do to prevent this in the Future.The water temperature is around 97 the Alkalinity is 80 and the pH is 7.4. The Clhorine Floater has two small holes in the bottom and a ring that turns to reveal 4 large rectangular holes. I kept it with only one of the large holes + the two on the bottom open.
  3. Ok I spent most of the day working on it and now the TA is down to 80 and the pH is right at 7.6 and is no longer jumping around. I having another issue with clhorine now but ill probably make another post for that. Thank you for all your help!
  4. Ok I got that Test-kit and found the pH to be at 8.4 and the TA to be at 260. I also added chlorine a few days ago and the free chlorine is at 1 and total is at 2. So its my understanding that I need to add 283 grams (~10 oz) of dry acid to bring it down to 120 then aerate to bring the pH back up. Now do I want to add that dry at once or should I add it in small doses every 2 hours or so, I just want to make sure I don't hurt the tub and pump by lowering the pH too fast.
  5. It was the Poolmaster 22260. It's the one our neighbors use for their 400 gallon spa and their 16’ foot above ground pool. I had already ordered it before making this post because of the good reviews.
  6. I went out to check the water since it had been about 2 hours and the Alkaline is about 120 but the PH is back up to 8.4. Is this supposed to be happening? I'll probably take a water sample to my "local" spa and pool retailer tomorrow to get it tested.
  7. I went to Lowes and got some different test strips and they read about the same. I added some more PH down and got the TA to around 40-80 and the PH to 6.8. A couple of hours later I added sodium bicarbonate to bring it back up so on both test strips the TA is around 120 and the PH is around 7.2. I figure I would give it about 12 hours to stabilize before I add the chlorine floater since it says to not mix chemicals. Also I have already ordered a liquid test kit from amazon but it won't be here until Wednesday.
  8. Ok so we got the Intex 77-Inche PureSpa on Prime Day to help with my Mom's bad back but were having some trouble getting the PH and alkaline just right. The Spa is 210 gallons and filled with water from our community well in southwest VA (AKA alot of limestone). The PH and TA both max out the test strip and I'm finding conflicting information online. So far I have added 202 grams of Clorox PH down as per the manual to bring it down 100 ppm. The strip in now reading somewhere between 180 and 120 for the TA 30 minutes later but the PH is still around 8.4. I haven't added any chlorine yet because I was told to get the PH in balance first. Also It warns that if the PH is too low It can damage the pump and tub and void the warranty. I'm brand new to owning a spa and need all the help I can get. If need be I can also upload a picture of a test strip The manual is located here I just realized I rambled a bit so heres a TL;DR, I have never owned a spa before. The PH is currently at 8.4 or higher and the TA after adding 202 grams of Sodium Bisulfate is at 120-180 berfore it was 240 or more. There is no chlorine in the water as of yet. I need help getting everything in balance so its safe for me and my mom to use.
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