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  1. update: as of this morning: Ozonator working most of the time. It was on while the first filter cycle was running when that stopped it went off. an hour later it is on again. FLO is flashing now. set point is 95 and tub is 96. So confusing. It is like the hot tub has a mind of its own.
  2. We have a Sundance Altamar 850 (2003). Had a persistent FLO2 error last month and after 14 years replaced the FLO switch. All good. This morning we woke up to a solid FLO error. We replaced both filters and made sure all connections were good and that resolved itself. Now there is no light on the Ozonator and obviously no ozone icon on the panel. We unplugged the connector and checked the tub side to make sure there was power. There is. The ozonator is only a year old. So before I call for service which is expensive in my area, suburbs of Detroit, I am hoping for any and all suggestions. We have the Spa Eclipse Unit for our tub. The circ pump runs 24 hr. There is a good stream of small bubbles coming from the outlet in the tub. All jets seem to be working as they should. If in fact it was a bad unit my fingers are crossed that they will stand behind it. In the meantime, I am trouble shooting Thanks in advance, Debbie
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