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  1. It was a defect heater relay board. This video would have shown me how to fix it. But I didn’t know what I was looking for. I had a service guy come and fix the issue. Cost a little over $300 (parts & labor). Found this video on YouTube afterwards that shows how to fix it. Next time...
  2. Sorry, I wasn't being clear. The Thermometer said 97 before draining and now it says 81. Before draining, the spa was set to 97 and READY appeared on the control panel display. After draining, it is still set to 97 but READY is not appearing - which makes sense since the water is only 81. Thanks for the clarification about the heater output hose. I'll try that!
  3. Thanks for the reply, Dave! The "READY" was displayed on the digital control panel as a solid, not blinking. The temperature was at 97. Do you think it could go up as high without the heater? I do have a thermometer floating in the spa. When I refilled it it was 78. It has since crawled up to 81 over several hot summer days. Could you please point out to me what the "output hose from the heater" is? Do you mean the main drain valve? Or something directly connected to the no fault heater (can you see it in the pictures I posted)? Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi there! We recently bought a house that came with a 14-year-old Tiger River Spa Bengal that appeared to be in excellent condition. It was set to 97 and the system panel showed "READY". And putting my hand in the water, the water did feel heated. I never had a hot tub before so I went to a local Hot Springs Spas dealer and they gave me a great run down of what I had to do. First step was draining and refilling. I shut down the power and drained it and removed the filter etc. I refilled the tub through the filter compartment. Once that was done, I put the filter back in and fired up the p
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