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  1. Thanks Dan, That info is great. We will certainly end up springing for any noise dampening they offer as part of the package. Can the pumps themselves be situated further from the spa or do they typically need to abut it? I think what we need to do is try and find a place to let us see/swim first hand.
  2. Hello, My wife and I are unable due to an easement to place a pool in our yard and are considering a swim spa. My wife loves to swim and we would like a hot tub or spa for therapeutic reasons as well. I have a question I am hoping someone can comment on. My wife has some noise level sensitivities and we were wondering, how silent can we make/buy a swim spa? How noisey is it when swimming? Is there a particular brand or method of generating the current which is known for being more silent? I think you get it. Thanks for any comments and help you can provide. Bungaloony
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