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  1. Yes I am in Canada, gets cold here -38 at times... I hope to make it though 1 winter lol... I really appreciate all your help, my bromine tablets picture has been added into the drive. I have also received the test back from my local spa and my phosphates level was 2400 "I think it was ppm as a measurement" and that change was over only a week, previously at 10. The system reported 2400 but they only wrote 1000 on the sheet which was weird.. So you are right it's clothing... detergent soaps... Simply put I need to wash hot tub clothing in water and perhaps a little bleach only?
  2. Hi MPurcell, thank you for your feedback on the matter. My water is actually clear unless I have my air and pump on then it gets cloudy but it's only from oxygen from what I can tell. Once the air and pump are off, I'm back to crystal clear water. I am such an amateur I have no idea what you mean by bank, I have heard others use this term as well. I typically use the strips and try to keep my bromine etc within the colors as close as possible. I bought the tub used 2 years old, when I got it it was sitting in dirty water, they are possibly suggesting I put in a cleaner run it 2 hours drai
  3. I have my chemistry done just right, I run a brand new bromine tub.. is it normal to always have a small amount of bubbles and tiny brown/white bubble scum like floating around during your hot tub usage? Perhaps if anything my bromine is a little high at times still learning how to manage that... filter is new, cleaned every week minimum, I shock after usage.. non chlorine shock,, total hardness is good, ph and alkalinity is good... ideal... even tested from local shop weekly. I'm in it daily for 2 hours, plus sometimes for 40 minutes with my 2 year old and 4 year old... my wife and
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