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  1. That did it!! Thanks. I was advised not to adjust a factory set switch, but looks like it was needed. Thanks again!!
  2. I have a hot tub with Gecko controls, SSpa pack. I recently drained the water for maintenance, and after a few weeks, refilled. After refilling, I turned on the tub and it tripped the breaker. I replaced the heater element, and pressure switch. That stopped the breaker from tripping. Now I'm getting a FLO code. The code was happening at both high and low pump speed, but now only on low. I removed the filters, intake screens, and put a nose down the filter well. The jets seem to have good pressure, and all are open. Any ideas as to the problem?
  3. I bought a 199? tot tub, don't know the manufacturer. I had a broken air control valve, and replaced both. Some of the Waterway, screw in jets were not putting out air. I placed a shop vac, set to discharge, over the air control, and air did come out of all the jets attached to that manifold. I removed some of the jets to clean. They adjusted hard, but were not stuck ,or clogged, with no missing o-rings. I put them back into the housing, and no air. I removed the air line from the manifold, and still no air to the jet. Looking at one of the jets on the other manifold that was wo
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