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  1. Some how it fixed it self, set it on standard mode after running it on ecno mode for a week and it shut itself down after running a cycle. Strange. Thanks for everyone's time!!
  2. Master spa makes downeast spas. Having a problem uploading my pictures, not good with computers. It's a balboa 2000 LE.
  3. Heats to set temp and stops heating. Seems the heater is fine. Switched from standard setting to economy setting for now. This way it doesn't continue to run none stop. Never had an issue before on standard. Thanks for your help.
  4. I have a 2003 downeast spa, filter 1 runs constantly on low speed. This started after a power surge. It's set on standard mode and on f2. Power has been shut off over night and problem still remains after powering up. Any ideas?
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