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  1. Thanks to Itchy & Scratchy, I don't even have my spa yet but after reading his experience with a used Marquis Spirit, I joined this Forum before going any further with my research in purchasing a spa. I have determined I want a Marquis. I would LOVE to have the Spirit, but a big price difference for me ON TOP of the costs for the concrete pad, electrical, rerouting my irrigation lines, etc., it is not doable. I originally wanted the Rendezvous. I love the size! I would be the only person using basically. I like the shape. Did not do a wet test, so uncertain as to how it actually performs. I did sit in ithe Rendezvous dry. I then got blindsighted by the Spirit. WOW. So, if $$ was not an object, I would purchase the Spirit. I am having a hard time finding anyone out there that actually owns a Rendezvous or can recommend yay or nay. I mainly just find information from dealers & Marquis. There are two versions of the Marquis Rendezvous, with the Discovery being the basic or lower end version, no water feature, etc. (Be careful when looking at the brochure, need to read the fine print to figure this out). LOL. So the discounted floor model would cost approximately $5200 (that does not include tax, etc.). That does include delivery & steps, some chemicals. That is a lot of money in my mind to spend to possibly be disappointed in performance. Also, interior of the Discovery only comes in white which would not be my first choice but that is really not important. I would love ANY feedback/opinions of the Rendezvous. I do not need any positive reinforcement on the Spirit, I just can't afford it and wish I would get the Rendezvous for a bit less to be honest. In the meantime, thank you for letting me join. I plan to lurk and soak up knowledge on the care and feeding of my potential purchase! While I am at it, if anyone wants to weigh in with their opinion on a woman, 68 years old, with some mobility issues....the practicability of being able to own/properly maintain a spa in the first place, please feel free to be blunt. I live in AZ so mild climate and would not be using the heater in the summer, would be using to chillax from the over 100 degree temps. I also promise not to EVER write another long post! LOL