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    Nature2 Protocols

    I've been running Baqua spa for several years and I'm overall happy with it. I know their are lots of haters our there, but overall I've found this system to be effective for me given my wife and I are the only ones who have really used the tub. My wife hates the smell of chlorine (even faint) and so this really limited me on what I could do. However, my daughter is getting older and now wanting to use it more with friends, etc. Baqua can't handle any kind of a load -- No way. So, I've been researching options and I think no matter what I need some kind of a chlorine system to handle times when a bunch of teenage kids jump in the tub and I don't want to drain it and fill it the next day. I have been reading about the Nature2 system and it has peaked my interest because it does use chlorine, but can be run with very low doses (assuming a low load on the tub). Low load for me is me sitting in it without jets every night (I love to just soak) and my wife jumping in 1-2 times a week with jets. My thought is that when I get more people in the tube, I can shock it real hard after. No way to shock Baqua even if you dumb a crap load of the oxidizer in. My question: I'm having a hard time finding a protocol for the Nature2 system other than just really general stuff like "shock once a week," etc. Does anyone have a good set of protocols for the Nature2 setup? Thanks
  2. I have a 2010 Jacuzzi J230. It is a 3 wire spa. Recently, the breaker blew out, so I opened up the control box and noticed some black marks. After further inspection, I noticed that one of the 220 wires that plugs into the bottom of the circuit board had essentially shorted itself and burnt the connection off the board. I am curious is just replacing the board is going to fix the problem, or that wire during up is an indication of a much bigger problem. I did a little research and this wire goes to the thermostat for my heater core. It is one pole of the 220V circuit. (the black wire) Is it possible the hearter core I also bad and the short caused this to burn up?.