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  1. Thank you for your reply on the resistor. This is not my board in the picture but I did replace the board and it still blows after 10 to 60 minutes of running. I wish it would blow immediately so I could trace the short. I have studied the electrical diagram and I cannot find anything on this circuit to draw the amperage needed to blow that fuse. The Gas valve has 79 ohm which is perfect and it has a relay to provide the current to run it and the heater is only 2 years old, so the wiring is perfect and i rechecked it. While testing, I bypassed the temp sensor 10K ohms at 70F and jumped the pressure switch thinking that would bypass that circuit but interesting enough, if you remove the 10K temp sensor and jump the pressure switch it blows the fuse so, I am going to replace the thermistor and keep trying unless someone has any other ideas. Thank you Marty
  2. Hello guys i have a f59-5186 (1102285201) board on my 500K btu hayward heater that is only 2 years old and blows the fuse 3 amp (automotive type fuse) not the slow blow and i can not figure out if this fuse runs the panel only or other boards. Once blown the heater is dead. Sometimes it will not blow for hours. I ordered a new board but i just wanted to know if someone has run into this before on this low nox heater. thanks Marty
  3. hello Guys just as a follow up, i ended up buying a Iq 2020 Control Box 77271 complete from Amazon which came from Hottubspasupplies for $527.04. The complete kit includes the control board, heater board, both thermistors and orings pretty much all assemble in the black case. Easy to install but you have to pay attention to your jumpers on the original. The new board has 12V relays and my older board was set up for 18 Volts, otherwise the Jacuzzi is perfect. The instructions that came with the box are very good and easy to follow. thank you
  4. Thank you very much for the feedback. I did attempt to re-power up without the spa light and i also tried disconnecting the auxiliary control panel with no luck. Based on my testing and your suggestions, i think i am ready to replace the board. I will inspect the heater board at the same time to see if its is burnt and if so, replace both. Thanks again for the feedback
  5. Hello guys. Would love to get some feedback on this. I have a 2005 Vista with a new front control and now a flashing power light. It starts up when powered up, temp comes on, no working buttons at all, then 10 seconds later, the power light comes on, then the panel goes blank until i recycle the GFI's. What concerns me is that when this happens, the pump runs and i have good flow, i also have 12.5 k @ 68 degrees on both thermistors which should be good but my LIM light goes off when the panel goes off, then my Control unplugged light comes on and stay on. I verified the installation of the new panel with the red line on the ribbon toward the top of the panel per instructions. I am getting ready to swing for a new IQ2020 board. I'm i making the right mover here ?? thanks guys Johnny confused
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