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  1. For those still interested in this part.. I sold several hundred of them and was contacted by Watkins (or someone claiming to represent them) asking to cease and desist. I told them I would not do so until they started making the part themselves and offer consumers an option. I told the rep that I would take it to court and make it the subject of news reports if they decided to move forward. I wasnt doing it to make money as it was far more troublesome and costly than you can imagine, but to screw the company over for screwing the consumers over. Well. right before summer I got a message that Watkins is now selling the part, with the O rings and for about 40% less than I was selling them for. So, now you have an option that doesnt involve a new heater. They dont advertise it and they arent happy to sell it, but here is the link. If they ever decide to stop selling them I have the file and will ramp right up again. High five for the little guys.. https://www.spadepot.com/Turnaround-Repair-Kit-Watkins-Hot-Spring-Double-Barrel-Heater-P3109
  2. Hi Speedstar! Since starting this thread, I have sold well over 100 of these caps and keep making running changes to make them better and better. The latest link is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/HotSpring-Watkins-NO-FAULT-HEATER-Replacement-End-Cap-Part-ONLY-/282498340738?ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT I am in the process of working on the O rings but, I cannot source even one pair to send out to be replicated. The ones I have are in use on my heater and I have tried all over to find a broken heater or cheap used heater to take the O rings from, but with no luck. If you or anyone else has a pair I can borrow, I will not only return your original O rings, but I will send you 6 more after I start making them for free!!
  3. I spoke to a Patent attorney about the part before I started the project. He stated that what I am doing is in no way a violation of any of their patents. I specifically made the part look different (even though I probably didn't have to) and I was very clear about the fact that it is an aftermarket part, not an original part and that I am not affiliated with Watkins or Hot Springs. I can't tell you they won't sue me because anyone can sue anyone for anything, but what I can tell you is that if they do I will fight back. There is no way they would bully me into settling or stopping just out of principle. And if I won it would open the door for a host of other manufacturers to start making all of the other parts that fail without any fear or recourse. I'm small potatoes to them, but you never know.. Their law suit was based on an exact replica of their design and operation. It was essentially a knock off as you correctly stated. Had they changed the design and the way it operated they wouldn't have lost the suit. You can't just copy a product in aesthetics and operation, rebrand it and try and sell it. Its theft of intellectual property. What I am doing is not at all the same thing, just like there are countless of companies making aftermarket parts for cars, blenders, ink cartridges, etc.. Fit and function can be the same or better (sometimes) but, you can't brand it as a genuine part.
  4. So I joined this forum after being smacked around year after year by Hotsprings/Watkins and having to buy a new heater after the end caps cracked each winter. I noticed that no one sold those replacement end caps and a google search showed I wasn't alone. People were using epoxy and glues to repair the caps rather than buy a new heater. To all interested, I decided to manufacture those end caps for anyone in the same situation. I am not a retailer or installer and I don't have a store. I am a regular guy who got fed up and had the end cap reverse engineered to help others in my situation and maybe make a buck or two if I can sell enough of them. I listed them on eBay for anyone interested but, you can PM me and I can save you another $5 or perhaps more directly to avoid fees. Hope this can help others or maybe some installers could use them for repairs. PS: I know they are expensive but, I need to recover the initial tooling costs, samples and CAD scans/drawings so please go easy. Still cheaper than a new heater by a lot!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/282476694523?
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