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  1. Hey Jerry. Thanks for helping on this. The spa is 240v hard wired. It has an older Nu-wave spa controller on it and the gfci on the controller is what is bad. In looking at it, the gfci is a 120v unit but the 220v lines go through the back of the donut on the gfci ad an added precaution. I tried to attach a pic but it's to large it's a Supreme Series controller That being said it looks like Nu-wave make replacement controllers that look very similar and they even have a gfci in the same exact spot. i did a quick web search and can't find a nu-wave web site for tech support. Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks zoli
  2. Thanks Dave. I'm definitely not looking to cut corners. That's why I asked what the heck replaced this part. That box is a 60 amp panel. Does that mean I need to buy an additional 120V 20 AMP GFCI to go into it? I'm kinda lost on how this replaces it since it looks like I just end up putting in a regular GFCI breaker. Please take a look at the link below, your thoughts would be appreciated. https://globalcommercialparts.com/hatco-r02-01-221-gfci-switch-retrofit-kit.html Thanks Zoli
  3. So my father in-laws spa is about 15 years old. It was made by US tooling and Spas. His high current GFCI is bad and I am unable to find him a replacement GFCI. It's a Leviton 8895-E. The Leviton site and everywhere else I search says it's obsolete without a replacement. Since the GFCI is crucial and I'm not comfortable with just putting in a regular GFCI in it, does anyone have any ideas?? As a note, the 8895 has a donut on the back of it for the high current lines to go through them. I have attached a picture. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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