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  1. Not sure if this is related but when I remove the high limit plug from the pcb, both pumps kick in on max? Plug them back in and they stop.
  2. So with or without the sensor(s) in 16degree chilled water the hush pump kicks in first, then the heater turns on. System runs for anywhere between 1-10 mins and then both the heater and the hush pump switch off as the relay clicks. Display reads OH. No unusual noises at all and heater warm but certainly not hot. Sensors are two wire. Main pump has now just kicked in on max (for 20-30secs) as I'm still sat here. Not sure it's done that before? Coincidently maybe? 30seconds later it's just done it again. Display remains reading OH.
  3. Really appreciating your input here.... let me know if you ever have a problem with any automated gate system, I might be able to return the favour! I'll sit down later and try just what you have said. I agree with you about the sensors, I needed to rule out any work the previous owner did, so I have already replaced the sensors with the correct type. However I might just double check they were the right ones, because you're right, I just ordered a new pair using the same part code.
  4. Damage I did to new heater element... Hairline crack to right of terminal.
  5. So I have now replaced the heating element, the two high limit switches, removed cleaned and tested the flow switch and everything looks good; I also cleaned the pcb front and back to be sure nothing obvious was shorting. Temp is constant on the display and in the tub - tested with thermometer. I was extremely hopeful when replacing the element because, it had some damage (bubbling and cracking of the outer coating). Sadly though none of this seems to have made the slightest difference, and I am still getting the same fault of OH displaying after the tub heats for a short while. I guess I have no other choice but to replace the pcb now but before I do that I have one confession to make... When fitting the heating element my ratchet spanner slipped and I ever so slightly cracked the protective coating just below the terminal. Have I just replaced a damaged element with another one!? The OH fault only occurs when the heater is running for anywhere between 1 - 20 mins. Again any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Pressure switch working correctly. Can I temporarily bridge this out to confirm that there is not a reduced flow problem? The system is now shutting down in less than a few minutes rather than an hour or so. It seems odd to me that both times I have filled it, the tub gets up to a good temperature before I start experiencing any fault. Banging my head against a brick wall here!!! Lol Once again any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Thanks Dave Im confident I can rule out the filter as it is brand new and looks clean etc. But should I be cleaning the pipe work from the filter too in case there is a blockage? The OH error only ever occurs when the circulation pump is running. I was able to swap out the high limit sensors this afternoon as an old pair were supplied with the spa... I'm guessing the previous owner tried replacing them. Obv. I could have two pairs of faulty hi limit sensors, so can't rule that out just yet. I'll go and test the pressure switch now but am I wrong in thinking that if this was stuck on, then the water would literally be overheating? This afternoon the fault seems to have occurred even more frequently. Temp set to 38 but cutting off at much lower temperatures i.e. 32.
  8. Hofully someone can point me in the right direction here... I have a recently acquired a 2003 550X spa and was aware that there was, and still is, an issue where it shuts down and reads 'OH'. There doesn't seem to be much of a pattern to this occurring but its fair to extremely consistent. Initially the spa heats up to anywhere around 34 with no issue at all, then cuts out. Re-sets straight away and continues to heat a little more (display set to 38). I can get the spa to full temp by resetting each time but then it seems to shut down more frequently. I initially replaced the hush pump - This was needed for more than one reason. I believe the original owner tried replacing both temp sensors. And I have checked for air blockages and the filter is new. Any help with what to try next would be much appreciated! One thought... can I test or possibly clean the flow switch easily? Is that worth trying?
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