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  1. It's finally time for me to update my inground pool. At 17 years of age, the liner was still the original (RIP - literally). I wanted to fill the thing in, but my wife feels it could be a thing of beauty once again. I lost the battle. My conditions for keeping the pool included spending money on a robotic bottom/side cleaner, and a robotic solar surface skimmer. I also got a Pentair SuperFlow VS pump and a Hayward saltwater chlorinator. Keeping my Sta-rite filter and heater. I know I won't be maintenance free - but as close as you can get in Pennsylvania with lots of trees and shrubs around the pool. To my topical question, has anybody had experience with the Solar Breeze NX? It seems like it should be a valuable unit for a pool with lots of surrounding vegetation, pollen, pine needles, and periodic mammal carcasses. Every year I have issues with pine needles getting into the pump impeller and I'm really sick of ripping it apart, not to mention frequent filter wahing. My goal here is to reduce the amount of cleaning. Evidently, you let it charge daily with its own built-in solar cells and let it run. I have a committed order with the company for one but wanted any input you folks might have. The website of the company is https://solar-breeze.com/. Te thing is pretty expensive, but COULD be worth it if it works. Thanks ahead of time from a new member
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