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  1. Hi all, last winter i drained my jacuzzi because the powercosts in The Netherlands are too high (and getting higher). now last week i cleaned my pool and filled it with water again, only problem is it's not heating anymore (also no sound that it starts too warm up) i had the same problem last year only then i put a high pressure spray on the massagers to drain the tubes, it was a lot of work, but there was a lot of "waste" coming out the Balboa display says: "dr" & also "sns" and also from the waterfall there doesnt come any water out (on the photo above, the small sleeve) i put the waterhose in the part where normally the filter is, so the water comes out at the bottom, the water still comes out at the bottom, but also the part where the filter is gets full, and the water also goes out there hope someone has an idea
  2. Hi i have a jacuzzi like this (attachment). now after not using it last winter, i filled it with water, placed the filter back, first of all a lot of junk came from it , the jacuzzi seems to be working fine (blower), only it's not heating, i also don't hear it start heating after setting the temperature The filter is clean, and also there is a small waterfall on the left (near the guys knees). also there is no water coming from that.either (the fountain is connected to the massage function). thanks! for anyone that can help
  3. thanks for your reply, no they are not made in china, because i had to take a look at other spa's they had stored, and i say them making new ones as well (maybe the form of the spa is from china, but they make the rest them selves. which company makes the ones that reduces 77% humidity?
  4. thanks man, and how do I fill it with combiketel? I also found out its better for me to change my powerplan (daluren is much better for me)
  5. yes I have a cover on it. no I don't have a voltmeter on it, I will check if I can borrow one.
  6. ok I will check that thanks, and any ideas of a cheaper solution? of is buying a more expensive Jacuzzi a better idea?
  7. thanks for your reply, yes heater should work 230 V 16 Amp is the connection
  8. hi everyone: question I Live in The Netherlands, I have an outdoor spa Jacuzzi (dutch made), https://www.fonteynspas.com/spa/alle-modellen/spa-relax-3/ now my energy costs are very high, I mean 95 usd EXTRA a month just for the spa (energy costs are probably cheaper in the USA, so ignore that please) and heating it up is like 1 degrees an hour, so if I put fresh water in it, then it will take 35 hours to heat up to 35 degrees (balboa system, not the economic mode) I refresh like every 4 months, summers sooner. does any know a better/cheaper way to heat it up, and spare money each month. not sure if there exist more economic pumps or anything please let me know thanks for all the help
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