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  1. It worked out fine with a small heater from Menards. :)
  2. @DanDiegoI successfully used http://spacentreinc.com/index.html - give them a call. That topside control panel is just so hard to find, I hope yours is repairable. The alternative to keep the tub running, if no compatible topside can be found, is a full control system replacement, from what I've read.
  3. Huh! That's cool! I kinda like that idea, put some sensors outside and in the tub and a couple of other spots. We often - in the heat of summer - run the tub at 96 so it feels like a pool during the day, then bump it up to 103 or whatnot if we think we'll want to get in it that evening, so it might actually be cool to have a display that shows where it's at. Truthfully, I WOULD like the Internet option, and the app and all that - but I know my wife would never use it, where she would that display. I'm going to talk to her about it and probably wait for a sale, lol!
  4. RDSpaGuy can give you the spa tech view, but mine was underneath a bit of pipe insulation, ziptied into place on the heater tube - no need to touch the water. Quick and easy replacement. Thanks for the intelligence about the sales and batteries! It means a lot to know there's something dependable on the market now - I had looked at some a couple of years ago that just didn't seem to be reliable.
  5. Oh wow, that's cool! I may have to look into it. We are home all the time, so my main interest is in a remote monitoring of the tub temp to see if there's been any issue with it. It would come in handy when we go on vacation too. Thank you for posting the links especially! I did notice one difference between our tubs - you have the white/sandstone, and I have the blue! 😂
  6. I'm not having current issues - knock on wood! I recently had a random main board failure and got my board repaired, but before that my setup ran fine for about 2 years, out of 3 1/'4 I've owned the tub, ever since I swapped out the whole control box and topside for a used matching set I got off ebay. Looking at my options for repair vs. replacement of the main board, I realized that the topside would likely also need to be changed. This led me to discover that replacement topsides are now extremely difficult to find, even compared to 2 years ago. So, if I can find a used or new o
  7. I would go ahead and replace the other sensor, based on best practices and RDSpaGuy's recommendation - it's cheap. Still, based on my personal experience and what Caldera/Watkins said, I wouldn't be shocked if the topside is the issue. Finding replacement topsides for this 18-year-old tub at this point is very much a no-man's land of dead stock from dealers and possibly or definitely used parts, where you have to take your chances on whether anything will really work or not. The supply of these topsides is just. not. out. there. I know, because I'm looking for one too! So, if you w
  8. Glad you got ahold of a dealer to confirm. I have used 72493 also. A bit of advice: be careful not to lose the O-ring that comes off when you unscrew the housing and pull the old one out! If you want to replace that O-ring to avoid any chance of a drip, I found one that fit mine at Lowe's - just take the old one up there to compare. Here's a resource I use re: part numbers: https://www.hottubspasupplies.com/amfinder?find=caldera-martinique-2002-4495&sid=dq28cT2ucx (link is to this tub). I have not purchased from this site, and I can't speak to their complete accuracy (and would not
  9. @RDspaguyis the tech - I'm just another owner - your thanks are properly delivered to him, just FYI!
  10. I'm just over here in the peanut gallery, marveling at your v1 heater relay board still going! 😂 (I replaced mine twice due to past equipment issues.)
  11. Howdy - your post might be seen better if you post it as a new post. You could link to this one if you want to reference symptoms and so on. For what it is worth, after having my original mainboard tested and found apparently good, I now believe my issue was a bad topside. Unfortunately these topsides are almost impossible to find anymore.
  12. To avoid the issues with possible topside incompatibility, I ultimately sent the 0974701 board I had been running out to a company that repairs spa boards. I also sent them the original 39514. The results were that the 0974701 needed a new power supply/converter, and then it booted up and looked for a topside. The original 39514 appeared to be working - booted up and looked for a topside with no repairs. Makes me think that my original issues with that board might have been a bad topside, as I know the display was fritzy, perhaps other parts of it were too. Unfortunately the topside i
  13. I think a little ceramic one may be nice to have around anyway. Feels like less fire risk too. I'll just position it away from stuff as best I can, ha! Thanks!
  14. Well, the mainboard in my 2002 Caldera Paradise Martinique went out and I am waiting on a replacement. No problem... except my area is getting an unexpected late cold snap. This is supposed to get down to 35 tonight, a high of 64 but then a low of 45 tomorrow night, and a high of 47, low of 27 Friday night (eek!) and then possibly a low of 33 on Monday. The tub is currently full of water but is not running. Should I drain this or not? I have some thought that the larger body of water may help avoid freezing but am not sure. I am also aware of the concept of winterizing but
  15. That makes sense. Thanks! I'll update when I get the board swapped and hopefully everything's good again.
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