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  1. in making your own cover, you should know that the number one issue with insulated covers, is that the foam will become saturated with water from the humidly under it. It happens to even the best cover. Keep it sealed, free from water, and your good. Pat Doyle pdoyle@doylepools.com
  2. If there is an obstruction in the line, its not likely that you will pull it up to the top. It will need to go out the same way that it went in. You can pressurize with air or water, and you can also try a snake. Pat Doyle pdoyle@doylepools.com
  3. Intermatic is surely the most common manufacture. You can visit any pool store or get one online. You will need to know if your pump is 120v or 240v and you may also if you have a heater, you should have one that has a heater delay. The delay will make sure that the heater will shut off 15 minutes before the pump shuts off. This allows the heater to cool off in the event it was running. Any more questions feel free to email me. pdoyle@doylepools.com
  4. The hollow sound that your hearing is a delamination in the surface. The longer the pool remain empty, the worse it will get. I can't emphasis this enough. Every pool has some kinda risk if it is drained. Unfortunately you found yours. You have a couple options... 1. Fill the pool right away and hope that the weight of the water will keep the surface stable. 2. Replace the surface. Im not sure that I would be concerned about the missing grout above the time, however I would be concerned about missing grout between tiles. Missing grout between tiles can indicates warn grout from p
  5. Because I don have a water sample for a full analysis, I would suggest taking your water to a pool professional. If they use a computerized water lab, it will use the Langlier Index to get it balanced. Your statement about the ALK being at 30 before the Ph would stabilize, tells me that the water is way out of balance. Without a full analysis, its just shooting into the dark.
  6. There are unlimited possibilities. The main part of my business is Remodeling and Renovation. If you would like to know more you can give me a call for a FREE consultation. I can advise you on options, design your project and also help you to manage contractors. feel free to check out my website if you would like to know more. www.doylepools.com
  7. There probably isn't a pool in the ground today that wasn't built in a yard that had some kinda grade. Be sure to interview builders to make sure they have the qualifications in the event this may be an extreme grade. Fiberglass pool shells is the construction method with the least amount of forgiveness. They are supported entirely by the ground around them and if the ground wasn't built up and compacted properly this can cause major issues. Feel free to send me some pics of your yard and I can be more specific. pdoyle@doylepools.com What you seem to be describing can be done, as lon
  8. You obviously have a mineral build up of some kind. Your best source of an answer will be to contact Jacks Magic. They are the best in the industry to staining issues. www.jacksmagic.com
  9. Please correct me if Im wrong about the question your asking. I'm not here to start anything, just to help those who need it. Do you have the understanding that Aerating your water, it will somehow change water chemistry? Aerating your water will not Change your water chemistry in any way. Do you have test results of the Alkalinity and also the PH? If your not familiar with Alkalinity, its is a buffer for the PH. Generally speaking PH will follow ALK. If your Alk is high, PH will follow it high, and if the ALK is low the PH will follow it low. Properly balanced ALK will hold the
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