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  1. FlowerChild, I was just reading "What's The Step By Step To Bromine Treatment?", and in there waterbear said: "If pH is not between 7.2 and 8.0 then you should adjust it before entering the spa and wait abot 30 minutes then retest it to make sure it is in the proper range." So I'd say 30 minutes.
  2. I'm guessing your water is unsafe. "Andrew Thomas Weil is an American celebrity doctor who advocates for alternative medicine." (wikipedia, citing 6 non-celebrity sources). Personally I'd be very interested in all of his recommendations, as products to avoid. As for solutions, the "chlorine smell" is chloramines, which are normal and produced when chlorine is getting spent sanitizing grime, but well-maintained water usually doesn't produce offensive amounts of chloramines. I'd recommend reading Dichlor/bleach Method In A Nutshell for chlorine sanitization, or What's The Step By Step To Br
  3. I use Leisure Time Filter Clean, and the warning label says "Danger: contains sulferic and hydrochloric acid". So if I were going to buy something in bulk to water-down and clean filters, I'd probably start with muriatic acid from the hardware store. Searching google for "clean spa filter muriatic acid" shows that other people have tried this, but I haven't read into whether or not it's a good idea 😅
  4. I am a fairly new hot tub owner (this is my 6th month owning a hot tub) so I'm learning a ton lately, but am also still wrapping my head around many concepts. I did find a couple relevant posts from a couple threads. First is a post from this thread where a question very similar to yours was asked near the end: And second is this thread where a correlation between rising-pH and TA is made: So maybe for some reason an ALK of 85 in your case is too high? Or since you're preparing a new fill of water there's been more aeration than usual?
  5. I've thought about this a little more, and have a theory. Leisure Time "pH Balance" also says "pH Balance will soften hard water and precipitate calcium, resulting in cloudy water and/or a clogged filter". I have noticed evaporating water is starting to leave scale behind, so trying to increase CH when using "pH Balance" is a bad idea. I found this post explaining how "pH Balance" is a phosphate buffer, how CH helps reduce foaming, how CH helps protect plaster/grout, and otherwise serves no purpose. Then I also found this post which explains how increasing CH is a bad idea when also using
  6. Hello, I'm a fairly new hot-tub owner, and have found tons of valuable resources on this forum. Now that I have a slightly complicated question, this was quickly my first-choice to seek guidance My tub is 425 gallons (Alps Spas Q-90), last cleaned and refilled on 1/22/17 (sodium bromide + floater + MPS), consistently tested with a Taylor K-2106 kit, and set to 102F. Problem is my measurements today have me really scratching my head. TA dropped, and my CH plummeted. I've been busy so the tub's only seeing 1 or 2 bather-hours a week lately. Here's the last few measurement entries in my log
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