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  1. Spa pack

    Thanks for all the great info Well when I tried to get my hot tub back it and going after last winter I notice the the water was no heating after 3 days the water was only 82 83ish so after looking around online and doing some checks with my multi meter I verified the resistance of the heater was in range so figured I check voltage and was only getting 110v at the heater on a 220v system so I'm assuming one of the relays on the board went or probably bad Sodier joint and with my circuit board experience be limited I came to the conclusion a new board would be what I need
  2. Spa pack

    Hi I'm new here . But I was wondering if there was somebody I could answer a couple questions for me. I have an older coast ball with the TSPA1 board. As you know most of these boards have been discontinued and I was wondering if it would be a viable option to just replace the whole spa pack with something new or even a different brand or if you would just recommend sourcing out a replacement board as I'm pretty sure mine Is in need of replacement. If a new spa pack is in order what do you recommend ? I was looking at a BP 501 retrofit kit because I like the Wi-Fi feature. And was wondering what you guys think. thanks in advance