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  1. I’ve got a Watkins (Hotsprings) Grandee GQ and can’t get it to heat. I started with cleaning, then replacing the filters. Then resetting the high limit, then replaced thermistors, and finally a new heater (with no high limit reset). I’ve followed the refill and start up procedures (20 amp first, run the jets to get rid of air locks, then switch the 30 amp), and have had some heat happen. We had an 8 degree jump in 45 minutes, but shortly thereafter, the whole thing shut down. Red power light blinking. The circulation pump seems to be working correctly, and when just the 20 amp is switched, it goes just fine. When the 30 amp is switched, we’ve had different results. If it is the first go around for the day, everything works (heat increases, things circulate properly, etc.) for between 30 and 50 minutes, then back to blinking power light with no circulation nor heat. After that first reset, all following resets provide about ten seconds of proper operation before all shuts down and it returns to the red power light blinking. Anyone have ideas of where to go from here or how to troubleshoot next? I’m definitely a fixer of things, but my technical knowledge and skills are a bit limited, so I can provide more information if needed.