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  1. Jet Pump Short Cycles

    I tested the relays with the pump connected and they did stay energized and supplied power to the pump when the motor stopped. So I'm confident it's the pump motor. It would be nice if it was something as simple as the starting capacitor or a faulty thermal switch. The spa is keeping itself clean with just the recirculating pump so I'll wait until after winter to drain it and pull the big pump to see if I can see what's going on. I'll update the forum when I do that. Thanks for your help ScubaDave!
  2. Jet Pump Short Cycles

    I tested the relays as you recommended. They behave properly (they stay on when energized). I did not test them with the pump connected as I don't want it cycling on/off. There are two relays and they both behave the same.
  3. Jet Pump Short Cycles

    Thanks for the response Dave. When the motor does come on, it and the impeller are indeed rotating because I see water rushing from the jets for the short amount of time that the motor runs. There are two relays involved one for slow and one for high speed and the motor short cycles on both speeds. Still I will check the relays as you suggest (would hate to spend $400 for a pump without being absolutely sure :).
  4. Sundance Capri, 1999, single jet pump. The pump comes on for 1 second (louder than normal) then shuts off. About 5 seconds later it tries again and shuts off after a second. During that short time that it us running water is seen coming out of the jets so I believe the pump is pumping. I disconnected the motor wiring and can hear the control board relays working properly (the relays are not short cycling, they come on and stay on). Any ideas or suggestions?