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  1. Breaker Tripping

    sorry yes, I am removing the wires from the bottom edge of the iq control pack. I meant I had not removed the actual wires from the breaker. I have black, white and green wires, I removed all three from the control board. Only time the jets button won't make the breaker trip is with all 4 devices disconnected, any 1 device plugged back on, the jets button can make the 20am gfci trip.
  2. Breaker Tripping

    no did not remove wires. The breaker resets no problem each time after it trips. The breakers are original so approaching 15 years old. I was leaning towards trying a breaker, but was wondering if anyone had seen something similar.
  3. Breaker Tripping

    Hi all, trying to figure out a gfci breaker tripping problem on our 02 Grandee. Wired 220v with GE gfci breakers one 20 and 30 amp both are double pole I first noticed the issue a couple weeks back, simply put, the breaker trips (1/2 trip actually) when trying to turn on jets, the jets never attempt to start, it trips breaker instantly. So here it gets confusing: Either jets button will randomly make it trip, not every time, but if turn it on/off a few times then it will. i tried diadnosing by turning off 30 amp breaker thus disabling heater, and disconnecting things from the 120v side, first the ozonator, still tripped. Next tried re-circ pump, still tripped. Then one jet pump, still tripped. Then second jet pump, it held. Of course nothing pulling any draw so why wouldn't it. then i hooked up the first jet pump, tripped again. Unhooked that jet pump hooked up just recirc pump, tripped again. unhook recirc, connect ozonator, tripped it. Basically if anything at all is plugged in i can make it trip randomly by pressing jets button, (either button). Also happens on either control pad in same random fashion. any ideas? GFCI breaker? Relay board? Circuit board? Thanx for any help.