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  1. Hot tub itch

    Thanks for all the great advice. I got a taylor test kit and I changed the UV bulb. Thanks again
  2. Hot tub itch

    A year ago I purchase a Jacuzzi hot tub. We had a service take care of it for a few months but decided we could do it ourselves. Not sure they were doing a good job, the tub seems dirty often. The tub has the Clearway purification system. Seems good. All the levels were where they were supposed to be according to the test strips. But I have developed Hot Tub Itch. I just emptied and cleaned the tub and I am ready to start over. Everyone tells me something different, its quite confusing. 1- Should i be using the Pro clear sanitizer stick? Some say yes, some say no. 2- I read a bit about using bleach. Where do I begin. Just not sure the amounts. 3- How important is it to use a pre-fill filter before filling the tub. Thanks for the help.