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  1. No idea as to when and what store you visited but your term looking old like back from 2010 is totally false and maybe you should check out their website as they also have the nicest no maintenance cabinets and their controls are by far the most advanced and being able to monitor your spa from anywhere in. the world that has internet is a feature nobody has.Also their spa boy salt system is by far the most advanced salt system that also monitors your ph for you.....so I am sorry you are sadly mistaken and clearly a Sundance and Bullfrog fan both of which are old technology still using foam filled spas technology being used not only for insulation but also mostly for structural support.
  2. Why is updating software on hot tub silly...then you might as well say updating software in computers is silly too. As far as firewall issues in homeowners routers that is easily handled buy running a cat 5 cable directly from homeowners router to the spa pak itself and there has never been an issue that way unless customer is having issues with his home internet itself. Everything else now a days is going wifi or cloud including customers home security, thermostat controls, new vehicles so why not your hot tub. As far as stereos go Arctic offers a 3 year warranty on their Aqua Tremor sound system and have had no major issue with bluetooth amps. Companies still using marine stereos with cd's are the ones you want to stay away from as most issues with these systems are people putting wet cd's in players and then wonder why they breakdown.
  3. Not exactly sure what Arctic Spas you were looking at but sure do not understand your comments on how old looking they are. First of all they have the choice of the 2 nicest cabinets in the industry being their furniture grade cedar as their standard cabinet and then their matching no maintenance cabinet in choice of 2 colours. As far as their LED lighting packages they have three to choose from including their ultimate lighting package that lights up all their jets and topside controls, drink holders and corner lighting on their cabinets. Stereos they have three different options all of which are run through a bluetooth amp. They have wet tunes which are good sounding pop up speakers, Aqua tremor which uses transducers mounted to fibreglass shell making your actual spa the speaker, and then Aqua tremor deluxe which includes the pop up speakers and the transducers. They are also the only company that all their jets give you a nice rotating massage not like most other companies that use mostly directional jets that after a while feel like someone poking you in the back. Also they have the spa boy salt water system that takes the guess work out of water management by producing chlorine when needed and monitoring your ph at the same time.With this system also comes a wifi system that you can control your spa through the app or once spa registered on their network portal you can monitor your spa from anywhere in the world. Independent studies have also proven Arctic to be the most energy efficient spa built and with the power management program they have with their system you can literally see on the network exactly how much your spa is costing you to run per day instead of here say salespeople tell you. So I'm afraid your assessment of Arctic is totally inaccurate in your comments.
  4. Swim Spa Question

    Yes it is level as built concrete pad to set it on. As I have the new Self Automated Spa Boy Salt System I have yet to have to change water in it.I have had it in since last April and water is still crystal clear.
  5. Breaker Tripping

    Did you actually remove wires from the control pak all together and see if breaker will reset? How old are your breakers? and what wiring are you running to the spa? I basically had the same situation and replaced new 50amp GFCI and wiring from GFCI to spa and now works fine.
  6. Bad wiring?

    Looks to me that wire connection on terminal strips were not in correctly and caused arcing resulting in the meltdown and causing the breaker to trip.
  7. Jets Suddenly Won't Turn On

    otherwise know as a buzz fuse being either a 25 or 30 amp .Also usually orange or green in colour. When you take the from cover off of your control box they have schematics on the back side and will tell you location of fuse your looking for.
  8. I agree if you have the proper salt water chlorine generator system.I have done a lot of research and have talked to some customers that have the automated water care system called Spa Boy in their spas and they all absolutely love it. They also like the fact that when they are out of town or on holidays they can monitor their spa from anywhere in the world from the myarcticspa.com portal. even has a pwer manage meant system that will show you exactly how much your spa is costing you to run per day. I would say it's definitely worth while checking out if your interested on their website www.arcticspas.com
  9. Correct way to use MPS

    Cloudy water could be that filter is plugged and needs replacing. Could be a result of low sanitizer levels . Also could be your ph levels are running too high and calcium in water is now coming out of suspension and will turn water cloudy also. TDS is another thing to consider if previous 3 are all good and water still cloudy.
  10. Breaker Tripping

    if you disconnected your heater relays and spa does no longer trip breaker then you have identified component causing the issue and you need to have the heater replaced again
  11. I would also take a look at the Coyote spa line up built by Arctic Spas and are built for the worlds harshest climates. They are a worldwide company that ships the spas all over the world including countries like Norway,Russia,Sweden and Alaska where all these places get a lot of snow and colder temperatures
  12. Floor model spas are just like going into any showroom whether it be spas, cars,furniture,etc. they are their to display a product and are by no means cannibalized.Arctic also has a second line of spas that you also should take a look at Coyote Spas that you would be happy with in the price range you are looking at and are built in our US factory.
  13. How do you figure houses are built in the full foam style.That would mean the basement then would be filled completely with foam and therefore having to have your furnace and hot water heater outside just like foam filled spas do have all their electrical equipment either under their steps or inside a cabinet door isolated from the rest of the spa with no insulation protecting it. So guess what freezes first if you have no power going to the spa in the winter. Even coolers are not foam filled are they otherwise how could you put anything into them. Spas foam filled have no way also to be serviced properly or quickly if you ever had a hose or jet body leak.If you actually take the time to study insulation you will find that anything over 4 inches of insulation is a waste as you are already at maximum R VALUE you can have at 4 inches so therefore more is not better when it comes to insulation.
  14. Depending how old the spa is you would need to check if you are getting voltage from the low speed relay on the board and or also check low speed fuse on board. Also depending on what motor you have ....if it is a green egg motor they do have rest buttons on them.
  15. Arctic Spas are upgradeable at any time so does not matter whether you purchase the prestige ,signature or legend series you can always upgrade to more jets, pumps or features as you like or as new things come out in years to come.Arctic no longer uses Gecko paks in their spas.They started building their own paks which again are upgradeable like phones and computers as new firmware comes out it can be downloaded in your pak through your phone or computer if you went with the wifi option. As far as salt water systems go we started working on salt water systems in 2006 and introduced Onzen to our Arctic lineup in 2008.Yes we had issues in the beginning but we were persistent and after 5 years we finally perfected the Onzen Salt water System. We did not stop there though as Onzen was still a manual system where you had to set it for how many hours a day you needed it to run to maintain your sanitizer level. Well in 2015 we introduced the upgraded self automated system called Spa Boy that monitors your saunter level and comes on only when needed so no more guess work as to how many hours you need to run it.Also with this system it will let you know if your ph levels are too high or low and will display on your topside controls or you can monitor your levels through your app on your phone through wifi or when you register your spa online you can also monitor from anywhere in the world through cloud on your phone, tablet or computer.Through this app we also have incorporated a power management system especially beneficial for those areas that are now on a smart meter.You can turn off heaters, filtration cycles etc.during peak times so that your spa is not running high using energy items during those times so your power bill will be energy efficient. Basically our spas are customizable so you can build the spa to your needs but never have to worry one you take delivery that you should of ordered something else as we can always add features right in your back yard. My suggestion to people is that you take the time to go in the showroom and look under the hood and see the differences inside and out, even the jets as people get confused with quantity of jets and not the actually quality of the jet.