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  1. Hello all, I have a Viking Legend spa that was manufactured in early 2014. After changing the water, the main pump has begun to pulse and surge when the high jet is turned on. It seems to run fine in low, normal circulation mode. (The second pump seems to be running without issue.) The spa was not run without water covering all the intakes, but it was run without the filter so I could perform a deep cleaning with Spa Purge. Turning the power off and allowing the pump to re-prime did not fix it. Does this sound like an air pocket issue? If so, how do I correct it? I'm a novice, but ha
  2. Thanks, ScubaDave. So far, I've had no issues. It really is a small piece that doesn't appear to have had any negative effect, so I'm inclined to leave it be until I drain and refill the spa in a few months. I did try to visually trace the line, but because of foam insulation, I wasn't able to trace with any certainty so I couldn't tell exactly where it comes from and where it goes. I would assume the pump has a screen of some sort that protects it from small debris and foreign objects. Is this the case?
  3. Thanks, Cusser. That was my thought as well, but my main concern was protecting the pumps. I didn't know if a piece that small could get into either of them, or if it would cause any damage. So far, no issues. Do you know if there a screen of some sort that protects the intake directly into the pump?
  4. Hello all, I have a Viking Legend spa. One (1 of 4) of the water intake grates near the bottom was accidentally broken, and a small piece of plastic from the housing was sucked into the intake pipe. The piece is no more than an inch long and a couple cm's wide. I didn't immediately realize it, so the spa and pumps were run afterward. However, it doesn't appear to have affected the spa adversely - the pumps seem to run normally, and I don't hear any rattling or out of the ordinary noises. My obvious concern is the plastic piece entering one of the pumps. So - does anyone have recomme
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