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  1. Hello all. Apologies for the lack of response... I got it fixed, but still have no idea what happened.. I thought I had narrowed the issue down to the relay in the pic below (always connected), but in my fiddling I accidentally shorted a connection and popped the 30A fuse. I also had a problem with the mechanical timer (which I pulled out and fiddled with), and once it was all back together, the issue no longer happened. So I don't know if the issue was the relay, or if the micro-switch in the timer was stuck on... On the up-side, I have learned a lot more about my tub, and it seems to be running fine.
  2. I get the process, but don't see how the pump can be the issue (don't see how the problem could follow the pump). The power is controlled by the relays on the board, so what would have to be wrong at the pump to keep it running if the circuit board is fine? If logic follows, there should be no power to the pump for it to run on... ? If I have a bad relay, what are the chances that they are easily swapped (plugged in)..? Or do I need to get the soldering tools out.
  3. No work has been done in at least 8 years (since I have owned the tub). Other than some pump replacements (the circ 8 years ago and a run capacitor in the 2-stage pump), nothing has been touched at all). I'll take a post some pics later if it will help.
  4. I agree. Rain still gets in there. Even with a good cover.
  5. I have a Calypso II spa, and pump #1 is running on low speed, 24/7. The spa has two large pumps (1 and 2 stage), and a circ pump that is wired into the Ozone accessory. The Circ pump should run all the time, but not Pump #1. See page 15 under Jets: http://www.sundancespas.ca/Communications/InstructionManuals/1997650.pdf Any ideas for troubleshooting? I am wondering if a solenoid may be failing (and how to test it), or if it is the electronics.
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