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  1. Ozone Problems

    i thought about using the air compressor to free the line but Im afraid of blowing the connection apart wherever that happens to be.
  2. Ozone Problems

    thanks there must be a clog somewhere, I hadnt even insalled the check valve yet and I couldnt blow air through the hose. I guess Ill have to install something in the main line behind the heater, its the only pipe I have access to.
  3. Ozone Problems

    OK I acquired a 2000 Cal spa 2100 with an old obsolete ozone on it so I tossed it and installed an Aqua Sun XL-50. I dont know if the ozone is getting to the tub. The tube for the ozone disappears behind the pumps and spa pack and into a hard plastic covering the foam insulated plumbin so I dont know where it ties in. The generator is working just fine. Before I plugged in the check valve I blew into the pipe as hard as I could and I cannot get air to go through it even if the pump is running or not. I dont see how that little generator is going to get air through the line. The return has little bubbles whether the generator is plugged in or not and I dont know if my sniffer is good enough to smell ozone or not. any help would be appreciated. Sean
  4. thank you I was curious if that was a possibility, I didnt really want to run new wires. I am looking at just replacing the board for just under $300. Another $120 to replace the heater. That would be a lot less improvising. The old heater is a heat exchanger with the element on the outside of the tube and I just saw a video of a burned up one because the limit didnt work and it caught fire. I'm thinking now that I have it all apart it might be a good thing to go ahead and switch that to a new wet element heater.
  5. I got a free older hot tub a few years back and its been working fine up too now. Its a cal spa 2100. Any way I went to jump in this morning and cold water, checked the breaker It was blown. I flipped it and after a couple few seconds it tripped again. After I changed and came back out I tried it one more time except I hit the jets button right after it turned on. The jets ran for a few seconds and then the breaker tripped. Then I smelled the wonderful burning plastic smell coming from the board housing. Took it apart and one of the connections was burned off of the board. I'm a newbie at hot tub repair but pretty handy at fixing things if pointed in the right direction. Is the board the likely only problem or could something like the heater have been out and I caused the board problem by messing with it. Im looking at replacing the board and whatever else is wrong and it seems simple enough but I am seeing all in one power heater packs that would replace everything for maybe a little cheaper. I am wondering if that would be the way to go. My heater is behind the top of my board housing and not on the bottom like all these all in one units I am looking at. Is there a work around or can I not use these because of this. Of course I dont want to put in a new board and watch it go up in smoke because I didnt do something else first. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The both screws were fairly easy to turn if that matters. Sean