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  1. AlicattP

    New to hot tub ownership - AMC-2210

    Not seen that label on mine, I will go out and take a better pic of it tomorrow, it's a bit late and dark here plus I'll have to pull the insulation (rockwool in bin liners) from around it. p.s. putting the extra insulation around the tub and lining the insides of the walls with heat reflecting insulation really made a big difference to the heating of the tub, the heat from the circulation pump can get the tub up to 30c without using the heater
  2. AlicattP

    New to hot tub ownership - AMC-2210

    Never needed the new heater, it is sitting in it's box still. I made up a selection of 1 1/2" pipes and bends that takes the new heater parallel with the side and then back to the tub plumbing to the jets but I never fitted it as I got the original heater to run once I figured out what the last person had done to it. The relay on the motherboard had failed and replacing that got the heater to work, I replaced all the relays at the same time, cost me about $10 for the lot and I have spares left over too. The wiring had been butchered, the owner before my son got it had put in a contactor to switch on and off the heater manually and it was not controlled by the topside panel, he had cut off the plug to the motherboard and now the heater cable is too short to be soldered back into the plug, he took a feed off the motor of the circulation pump to pull in the contactor and he was using the second isolation switch on the power board to switch on and off the heater so no control other than the thermal cutouts which pop at 43c this is how it was wired when it was delivered to me, yes that thin cable was what they were using to power it! I have 3phase 380V available to wire it in properly but before I do anything else we have to wait for the neighbour to finish his building and we both put in a diving boundary wall and I will move the tub about 60ft closer to the house. So I never had to figure out how to rewire the LX heater to work with my electrics. The topside panel is now completely U/S and I will have to replace it and / or the full controller, it did not survive this last winter But it still runs and I have been enjoying it https://imgur.com/qwqrWyS.jpg
  3. AlicattP

    heating a durasport g2

    You do have an insulated cover on the tub when not in use? Is the heater working and are you heating it up each day? My tub loses about 4°c (around 9°f) overnight. I have a floating temperature gauge which reads about 34° to 36° after being at 37- 38°c the night before, I also have a thermometer at the bottom of the bottom of the footwell and it reads a good 10°c lower (ie 22°c) in the morning compared with the one on top. After turning on the circulation pump the temperature equalises out to around 32°c to 34°c all over the tub.
  4. AlicattP

    Dreammaker X400 "OH" Overheating

    Could it be that the control relay that switches the heater on and off having the contacts stuck on? My tub has that problem, the heater control switches properly and I can hear the relay click over from off to on and back, but when I check the the relay output it still has the mains voltage on it and the contacts are stuck together. Do NOT check this yourself if you do not have the proper equipment to check it and/or are uncomfortable about measuring high voltages. It is dangerous.
  5. I too use a solar heater for my pool, it can take a day or two to get it from 50°F to 78°F or above, and the pool holds about 6600 US Gallons (25,000 liters) Columbus OH is about 40°N and about 10° south of where I live. I do use a solar cover on my pool too and it makes a big difference in heating, without the cover being on I could lose a good 10°F over night, and with the cover on it is only about 3°F Next year we are planning on putting in a bigger pool, one that is about 23ft x 13ft and about 5ft deep, it will hold about 11,400 US Gallons, just now I have about 54sqft of solar panels to heat the water and for next year I will add another 27sqft to that. (all measurements are converted from metric and are approximate)
  6. Question 7 Do you maintain your own pool, personally? yes/no then Question 10 How much would you be willing to pay for a seasonal pool maintenance package? Well if you maintain your own pool then you maybe you are not willing to pay for a monthly or yearly contract for someone else to do it. I much prefer to do things myself where and when I can.
  7. AlicattP

    New to hot tub ownership - AMC-2210

    Well the control panel now works - after a fashion - I used some switch cleaner on the contacts of the plug for the topside controller and low and behold it works, with the light at the right angle you can read it, looks like the back light is U/S and I cannot see a separate bulb/LED to light it up. The radio and CD/audio inputs also work, and on Sunday we were sitting relaxing in the sun listening to music while in the tub. Also have found a date on the PCB and it says 30/11/2005 so now at least I have a date round about when it was made. There are two stuck relays on the relay board, I have ordered up 5 new ones to replace all those on the board, at $2 per relay laying out $10 for a full set is no hardship. the relays are sealed units so no opening them up and cleaning them. Cleaning relays in a Mk12 Decca Navigator was the very first job I got as an trainee Radar Technician
  8. AlicattP

    high costs (netherlands)

    That takes a long time to heat with 3kW, I have a 3kW heater in my hot tub and it rises 3°c to 4°c per hour, and that is heating 1700l of water. I'm more worried about water costs here in Belgium and have filled mine with ground water, it takes a few days to get the water clear removing the iron and raising the Ph to over 7, Having a large solar panel array to off set the electricity costs helps!
  9. AlicattP

    New to hot tub ownership - AMC-2210

    Followed the piping from jet back to... the Hayward chlorine feeder, turning on the stop cocks on it allowed the water to flow through the other foot jet in the foot well, it works with pump 2 which feeds the 3 higher seats.
  10. AlicattP

    New to hot tub ownership - AMC-2210

    It does twist freely between both limits, and the whole jet assembly is in 3 parts, the housing, the internal valve and the external ring with jet nozzle which you can twist to turn it on and off, I do have the proper tool to remove the jets and internals now, some I have cleaned out but the two in the foot well I could not reach properly to remove them, it's on my task list for tomorrow
  11. AlicattP

    New to hot tub ownership - AMC-2210

    Ah no, the jet is still in the housing just no water coming out of it, it is one of the jets for the feet and is mounted in the wall of the foot well, It's going to be fun getting it out and finding where the blockage is. The jets are old and I do know the supplier but they are now obsolete and discontinued, they are part of the CMP Classic Poly Jets range and I do have the part numbers for them, this is the one that is blocked:
  12. AlicattP

    New to hot tub ownership - AMC-2210

    The tub had reached 40c by the time we went in it tonight, the wife was still unsure on it and was very ambivalent about going in, after an hour and a half it was difficult to get her out, she is a convert My circuit is fused and wired to handle 20A @ 220V and the circulation pump + heater draw 18A so I could not have the heater on with all 3 pumps running therefor the heater was off while we were in and the temperature dropped to 36°c after the hour and a half. I found one jet is not working, it is in the bottom of the well in the middle of the tub and is one of two there, the other one is working fine I guess I will have to get it out and see what is wrong, but all in all it has been a very pleasant experience and we are both looking forward to relaxing in the tub tomorrow evening.
  13. AlicattP

    New to hot tub ownership - AMC-2210

    Filled and fired up the tub this morning after returning from Scotland she is now sitting at 36°c and rising, the water is from a well and was at 5°c when I started so I think the heater is working! I replaced the bearings in the circulation pump and it now starts and stops fine tho is still a little noisy, the motor is really on it's last legs the housing for the bearings are a bit loose and I had to use some loctite to secure them. I have started scraping the old varnish off the sides of the tub and my wife is going to oil it when I'm finished. Tonight is the night to try it out, clear blue skies and a big moon out
  14. AlicattP

    Spa Motors

    My Winner AMC has 3 LX200 pumps, not sure on the age but I guess around early 2000s, I have just replaced the bearings in the circulation pump, the other 2 pumps are still running fine. I think there are much better pumps out there than the LX.