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  1. KelRem

    Balboa TP600

    I have a 2016 Sunrise Spa. It has the Balboa TP600 control system with simplified menus. Is there anyway to get the standard menu to work with this controller (ie Any jumpers to set). Thanks for any help!
  2. I purchased an X10 prefilter a few months ago http://www.hottubessentials.ca/x10-spa-water-pre-filter.html. I've used it 2x to fill up my hot tub. The water seems no different wether I use the pre filter or not. I have fairly high iron and manganese in my well water. My iron level is 1.0 mg/l and the manganese is .6mg/l. I have a whole home iron filter in the house, but it looks like it's not working anymore. I'm changing the media in it next week. The water is a yellow colour in my tub. When I fill a clear cup with the hot tub water it looks clear... I'm hoping when I get my media changed it will cure my iron/manganese issues, but I thought the prefilter would catch all the iron and manganese. Guess not...
  3. KelRem

    Yellow water

    Ok. Are you suggesting the yellow Color is caused by some kind of film clinging to the tub? Thanks.
  4. KelRem

    Yellow water

    Hi Everyone. This is my first post on the forum. I purchased a 6 person Sunrise Tonga hot tub this past spring, we've been having issues with water quality from day 1. When we fill up the tub it has a yellow tinge to it. We end up getting brown sludge all around the edge of the tub as well. We are on a drilled well. We have a fair amount of iron and iron bacteria in the well. I have an iron filter in the house. The drinking water is crystal clear but the tub water is yellow. I've double checked that the tap the water we use for the tub goes through the iron filter. We are using romaine. Any solutions to getting nice clean water in the tub? The place we bought the tub is not the most helpful. We just finished draining a refilling the tub yesterday, I pulled out all the jets and cleaned them with iron out as they were stained brown. I'm attaching a couple pictures of the tub water and our chemical test strip from this morning. Any help would be immensely appreciated. Kelvin